The Archives program of Archives and Records maintains the State's historically valuable records. Records transferred to the Archives are appraised for historical, fiscal, or administrative value and are either accessioned into the archives or disposed. Records accessioned into the Archives transfer to the legal custody of the Archives except as provided by law. (NRS 378.250, 378.260, 378.320)

Instructions for completing the State Archives transfer form: 

Please identify the name of the Agency, Board or Commission on the Transferred from line. Include the date requested and the name of the person requesting to transfer the records.

Use the numbered lines to list the Record Series Title, the Records Authorization Number (RDA#), and the Date Range for each individual record series. 

The retention and disposition schedule will provide the information regarding how long your agency retains the records before they can be transferred to the Archives. Records that have not met the specified time will not be accepted for transfer to the Archives.

Please note if the records are confidential. If so, please cite the appropriate NRS or NAC and indicate how long the records are to remain confidential. 

If you have questions regarding your agency and/or general retention and disposition schedule, please contact Sara Martel in the Records Management program at 775-684-3422 or 

Please print and fill out the .pdf version of the transfer form found at this linkWhen completed, the form can be e-mailed to Archivist Liz Moore at or faxed to 775-684-3371.

Incomplete forms will not be accepted and will be returned to the agency.