Continuing Education

Advances in information technology and expanding library user expectations require continuous education.  The statewide continuing education program works collaboratively with Nevada libraries to address the need for continuous library education through planned, coordinated and varied statewide continuing education programs to hone staff expertise, foster professional development, empower library trustees, broaden public awareness and ultimately improve library services.

    CE Calendar

    Find a calendar of free continuing education webinars available to the Nevada library community.  If you have suggestions or know of a webinar that you want included, please contact Sulin Jones at


      Continuing Education Workshops

      Continuing Education Workshops sponsored with LSTA funds are arranged through Library Planning and Development. Please contact Sulin Jones at 775-684-3306 or if you have questions or suggestions.

        Nevada Library Institute

        The Nevada Library Institute exists to provide opportunities for learning, mentoring and developing skills to promote the personal and professional growth of the Nevada library community.  The Institute is a tool for nurturing both degreed and non-degreed individuals in the library community.

          Rural Libraries Workshops

          Workshops are held for the rural public library staff, which are pertinent to their needs. These are in addition to those presented for the entire range of library educational needs. Please contact Tammy Westergard at 775-684-3306 or if you have questions or suggestions.

            Records Management Training Classes

            For further information about the Records Management Training Classes through the Nevada State Library & Archives Records Center contact Teri J. Mark, State Records Manager, at 775-684-3323 or

              Other Continuing Education Opportunities