Nevada Library Statistics


Norma Fowler
Library Consultant

Nevada libraries submit statistics about their local libraries on an annual basis to the Nevada State Library & Archives (NSLA), which is responsible for collecting, compiling and publishing statistics and information concerning the operation of libraries in the state (NRS 378.081).  The requirement of public libraries to submit statistics is established in the Minimum Public Library Standards for Nevada.

The public library data are submitted by NSLA to the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) which administers the national Public Library Survey and the State Library Agency Survey, effective October 1, 2007.  From its inception in 1989 through 2007, these two surveys were administered by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) which continues to conduct the Academic Libraries Survey and the School Library Media Center Survey. 

    Nevada Libraries

    Nevada public libraries can analyze their local data, compare their library with peers in the state or nationally, and build analysis of local data mapped to the 2000 census data.  Staff of Nevada public libraries can find out how to do that by contacting Norma Fowler.

    Comparative statistics about Nevada public libraries are available through Bibliostat Connect, a web-based tool that also provides comparative statistics about public libraries in a region or nationally.  Bibliostat Connect is provided by NSLAPR using federal LSTA finding for the staff of Nevada libraries.  Contact Norma Fowler for information about your library's login and password.

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    National Data

    Statistics are collected for more than 9,000 public libraries nationally, via the Federal State Cooperative System (FSCS) now known as the Public Library Statistics Cooperative (PLSC).  Data are available for individual public libraries and are also aggregated to state and national levels.  It can be accessed on the US Census Bureau website.

    The national data can also be found and searched at  The datasets are listed under the Social Insurance and Human Services single/multiple category available through the "Raw Data Catalog," "Tools Catalog" and through the "Geodata Catalog."  The Raw Data Catalog provides an instant download of machine readable, platform-independent datasets while the Tools Catalog provides hyperlinks to tools that allow you to mine datasets.  There is search capability by keywords, by single/multiple category, and by single/multiple agency.

    • Public Libraries Survey: Fiscal Year 2007
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    State Library Data

    State library data can be searched at:

    • State Library Agency Survey: Fiscal Year 2007
    • State Library Agency Survey: Fiscal Year 2006