Travel to Training


Tammy Westergard
Assistant Administrator for Library & Development Services

**Travel to Training funds are not available for FY2017-18.  

LSTA stipends are for public library staff and staff from other types of libraries providing service to the public to attend training events that are more than 50 miles from their library and in Nevada.

The training must be appropriate to the participant's work assignment. Applications must be submitted no later than 14 business days prior to the proposed event or 21 business days if airline purchase is required and payment will be on a reimbursement basis. Only one vehicle per library will be considered.

An informal evaluation of the training event will be required. Please submit the completed Application and Certification Page according to the Application Instructions.

CE Registration Fee Funding and Substitute Pay are also available in conjunction with Travel to Training.

Substitute Pay

For rural public libraries without backup personnel, substitute pay at a maximum of $90 per day is available to cover staffing the library to allow attendance at training events.

The application form requires certification by the director that attendance at the training event would not be possible without the substitute pay proviso.