About Government Publications


Government Publications at the Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records collects, preserves and provides access to federal, state and local government publications through the following programs and special collections. Access these collections through the CLAN online catalog.


STATE PUBLICATIONS DISTRIBUTION CENTER -- The State Publications Distribution Center, created by Nevada statute in 1971, collects all Nevada state, county and municipal government publications intended for the public and distributes them to designated depository libraries within the state, which in turn keep state and local government publications accessible for use and provide assistance without charge to library users. State agencies fulfill the Nevada state mandate by submitting publications in all formats to the Center, located in the Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records.


FEDERAL PUBLICATIONS -- The Federal Publications Program is a selective depository of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP), receiving approximately 2% of available federal publications. The majority of these items are available to check out. Due to budget constraints we reduced our item selection rate from over 50% to less than 2% in 2008. Since 1895, the FDLP has been administered by the Government Printing Office.


CALIFORNIA STATE PUBLICATIONS - Through gifts we receive many documents produced by California state agencies.


EVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENTS FOR NEVADA - Many of the thousands of environmental statements pertaining to Nevada and produced by federal agencies are donated to the Nevada State Library. Most of these are accessible through the CLAN online catalog.

NUCLEAR WASTE STORAGE PUBLICATIONS - The collection of Nuclear Waste Storage publications is available through donations from the United States Department of Energy and other agencies. Access many of them through the CLAN online catalog. Additional reports are found in Technical Reports Regarding Yucca Mountain and the Nevada Test Site available at the Nevada State Library and Archives. For help with the collection, contact government publications staff.

U.S. DEPT. OF ENERGY NORTHERN NEVADA FFACO PUBLIC READING ROOM -- As directed by the Federal Facilities Agreement and Consent Order (FFACO), documents submitted by the U.S. Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration Nevada Site Office Environmental Management Program to the State of Nevada for approval are available to the general public for review and comments. Contact government publications staff for details.