State Publications Distribution Center FAQ

1: Why should my agency deposit its publications to the State Publications Distribution Center (SPDC)?

  • It enables citizens from all areas of Nevada to have timely and easy access to the publications of their state government.
  • It creates and preserves a complete, centralized, and organized historical record of Nevada through its state publications.
  • It maximizes access to state publications through one global and many local library database entries, as well as access at the Library of Congress.  For a full list of libraries in the Nevada depository network see the Handbook for State Agency Contacts.
  • It allows agencies to refer public requests for their materials to libraries, saving agencies' staff time
  • It provides access to out-of print publications, no longer available at the agency or on its website.
  • It provides library staff at the depositories who are trained to assist the public in finding the publications they need.
  • It is the law, see NRS 378.150 - .210.

    2: How many copies of our publications do we send to the SPDC?

  • State agencies send at least 10 copies of each print publication. 14 copies is the ideal, as that allows the SPDC to make a full distribution.
  • Cities, counties, regional agencies, school districts, and special district agencies send 6 copies.

    3: What publications should we send? What publications should we not send?

    The Nevada statute offers three tests for determining if your publication fits the parameters of a state publication:

    • Is it produced pursuant to the authority of or at the total or partial expense of a state agency or local government?
    • Is it required by law to be distributed by a state agency or local government?
    • Is it distributed publicly by a state agency or local government outside that state agency or local government?

    For more detailed information about determining what a state publication is, refer to the Handbook for State Agency Contacts. You may deal with publications that do not appear to be addressed by these guidelines.  If this is the case, email the Government Publications LibrarianThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call program staff at 684-3329.


    4: What formats do we need to send?

    Any format that is used to distribute information to the public is also appropriate to send to the SPDC. This may include both print and electronic formats.

    5: Where do we send print publications?

    Print a copy of the State Publication Transmittal Form, complete it with the new publication information, and route it with the appropriate number of copies to:

    State Publication Distribution Center
    Nevada State Library, Archives & Public Records
    100 N. Stewart St.
    Carson City, NV   89701


    6: Where do we send electronic publications?

    Send an email including publication titles and web links to Be sure to include your name and agency contact information so the department can reach you for clarification.

    7: What if I have additional questions about the program, not answered here?

    Direct additional questions to: Kathy Edwards
                                                Government Publications Librarian
                                                100 N. Stewart St.
                                                Carson City, NV 89701
                                                FAX 775-684-3330