Hoover Dam

(see also:  Water)

Big dams and other dreams: the Six Companies story NEVADA HD9715 .U54 S539 1996
Building Hoover Dam: an oral history of the Great Depression NEVADA TC557.5 H6 D86 1993
Colossus: Hoover Dam and the making of the American century NEVADA TC557.5 .H6 H55 2010
Hoover Dam: an American adventure NEVADA TC557.5 .H6 S7
Hoover Dam and Boulder City, 1931-1936: a discussion among some who were there 29-Un3O/7:H665
Hoover dam [Modern marvels series: Comprehensive chronicle of the Hoover Dam] (DVD) NEVADA DVD TC557.5 .H6 H6 1999
Hoover Dam [A monument to American ingenuity] (DVD) NEVADA TC547 .H66847 2006
The Story of the Hoover Dam NEVADA TC557.5 .H6 S8 1985
They died to make the desert bloom [Might is right] (DVD) NEVADA TC557.5 .H6 T44 2005

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