Place Names

California place names: the origin and etymology of current geographical names REFERENCE F859 .G79 2004
California's geographic names: a gazetteer of historic and modern names of the state CA REF DESK F859 D87 1998
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Comstock place names NEVADA REF DESK F839 A5
Directory of geographic names in Nevada REF DESK 29-H53P/ 9:D62-1982
Directory of southern Nevada place names NEVADA F839 .A9 1962
Geographic Names Information System (USGS) Online Database
A Guidebook to Nevada's historical markers 29-C91H/9:G94-2003
Lost mines and buried treasures of the West: bibliography and place names, from Kansas west to California, Oregon, Washington, and Mexico NEVADA Z1251 .W5 P76
Mines and mills of the Comstock region, Western Nevada NEVADA TK24 .N3 A6
Mining history and place names of the Comstock area: a field trip guidebook, September 19, 1987 29-Un3M/8:87-6;
Nevada historical sites 29-UN1DW/9:N41 C.2
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Place names of Douglas County NEVADA REF DESK F839 .A56 2007
Place names of Lyon County, Nevada NEVADA F847 L9 A5
Place names of the Sierra Nevada NEVADA REF DESK F868 S5 B7
Sierra Nevada place names: from Abbot to Zumwalt NEVADA F868 .S5 B76 2011
Tahoe place names NEVADA REF DESK F868 T2 L4
Who named it?: History of Elko County place names NEVADA F839 P32 c. 2 NEVADA BOOKS-MAIN FLOOR

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