Every patron is allowed to have one Digital Player and one Cassette Player.

  • Please keep the boxes in which your machines arrived because you may need to return your machines at some point.
  • Recorded books from this service will only play on the equipment provided.

Requesting a Replacement Machine

If your machine malfunctions, it is important that you call our library at 775-684-3354 or 1-800-922-9334. If a Reader Advisor is unable to correct the problem over the phone, you will need to return the machine to us, and we will send a replacement.

Using the original box, just place the machine in that box, turn the mailing label over so the notched edge is in the upper right hand corner.

  • Please take it to the post office for postage free handling; do not return it to us through your mail carrier.
  • The important thing to remember is to call us if you are experiencing any difficulties with your machines or a replacement is necessary.
  • Please do not attempt to repair our machine.