Volunteering in the Carson City Area


Volunteers assist NTBS staff provide library services to Nevada's citizens with print impairment. Opportunities for volunteering are designed to match a volunteer's skills, interests and schedule. The staff will work with the volunteer to develop a schedule based on the library's operating hours, for on-going commitments and for one-time projects.

  • All work is done on site at the library.
  • Potential volunteers must fill out a Volunteer Application and sign a Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Volunteers are requested to record their hours of service on the Volunteer log.


Circulation volunteers help us provide library services to patrons by inspecting books, filing and performing other clerical duties. Confidentiality and attention to details are required.

Recording Program

Recording volunteers assist the Recording Program produce books and magazines about Nevada and by Nevada authors. The recordings are done in two sound-proof recording booths within the library. The Recording Program Coordinator will schedule an applicant for an interview and booth time. The two volunteer positions available are for narrator and reviewer.

  • Narrators should have the ability to read with a clear and distinct voice, to sustain a consistent level of verbal energy over a long period of time and to read in a conversational manner. A commitment to complete a book is extremely important; this includes time for narration and corrections. A time commitment of two hours per week is desired and speeds the production process along. In addition to a short interview, narrators will be asked to read a one page story. 
  • Reviewers listen to a narrator's recording noting when and where errors, mispronunciations and extraneous sounds are made. Good hearing, attention to detail, concentration skills and basic computer skills are necessary.

Machine Repair

Machine repair volunteers help with maintenance and repair of non-functioning program players. Telephone Pioneers have traditionally performed this function.

For More Information

Contact Hope Williams at 775-684-3381 or hwilliams@admin.nv.gov

Updated March 2016