Records Management Services for Local Governments

Records Management Program Manual

The Manual contains a narrative section on Records Management Basics and  the retention schedules, established pursuant to NRS 239.125, for the retention of records common to local governmental entities.

Records Management Services

Records management services are extended to all local governmental entities in Nevada. These services are intended to provide guidance on a full range of records management issues and services.

NOTICE 2018 Retention Schedule Update Notification for Posting

In accordance with NRS 239.125 and NAC 239.161, the Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records – State Records will begin updating the Record Retention Schedules found in the Local Governments Records Management Program Manual.

This is an opportunity for Local Governments to propose changes to the Records Retention Schedules found in the Manual. Proposed Changes may be in the form of additions (records not currently scheduled for retention and disposition) or the amendment or possible deletion of record retention schedules currently approved in the Manual.

The deadline for receipt of the recommended changes to the 2016 Manual is January 12, 2018. Please pass along this information to any other individuals within your organization who should propose or review the proposed changes.

Recommendations for changes should be sent to my attention at the Nevada State Library and Archives -100 N. Stewart Street, Carson City NV. 89701-4285, or emailed to

  • Recommended modifications must include: the LRDA number, the record series title, and reason for the proposed change. 
  • Recommended additions must include: a record series title, a brief description of the contents and purpose of the record, a proposed minimum period of retention, and a proposed method of disposition. 

Following the January 12, 2018 deadline State Records will analyze the information and create a draft document, listing the proposed changes including, but not limited to, the elimination of record series redundancies currently in the Manual. In March 2018 this draft will be posted on our webpage for additional local government\public review and comment.

Following this review and comment period (approximately 4 weeks) State Records will make any necessary changes and in accordance with NAC 239.161 submit the revised records retention schedules to the State Library, Archives and Public Records Administrator for formal approval.

Once approved State Records will notify local governments of the changes and post the new schedules on our agency webpage. The 2018 schedules will supersede all previous versions.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you.

Jerry Lindsay
Senior Records Analyst
Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records
Phone: 775-684-3425
Fax: 775-684-3426