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If you complete a webinar or an online course through our continuing education portal, please take this course evaluation. It is required for all Library Juice, WebJunction, and Infopeople courses. 

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In addition to our regular calendar of webinars and training opportunities, the State Library has curated subject-specific resource guides with continuing education resources organized by topic. These resource guides are intended to provide a wealth of information on a specific topic of interest to librarians and library staff, and are based on suggestions by librarians and library staff in Nevada. Do you have a suggestion for a subject-specific resource guide? Click here to fill out a topic request form. 

Libraries, especially those in rural and small communities, are often a source of information and daytime shelter for individuals facing homelessness or housing insecurity. In an already busy library with limited resources, staff may be challenged to respond to the needs of these patrons and to cope with compassion fatigue. Additionally, the increasing volume of need arising in many communities may leave library workers feeling ill-equipped or overwhelmed. As libraries strive to provide equal service to all, it can be challenging to meet the needs of patrons whose life experiences may be quite different from our own. 

These resources are collected to help librarians and library staff in Nevada learn how to create an environment that feels welcoming, informative and supportive to people experiencing homelessness. Building empathy skills can help librarians and library staff become more confident in learning from, interacting with, and serving diverse patrons. 


Homelessness in Small and Rural Communities: Libraries Can Help! (ARSL/WebJunction, 2/21/2018)

This webinar will provide practical insights on providing services to people who don't have stable housing. Learn how to create an environment that feels welcoming, informative and supportive, including ideas for reducing policy barriers. Learn how to host conversations that explore public perceptions, help to debunk myths around homelessness, and strengthen community ties.

Balancing Books and Social Issues: Homelessness and Trauma (InfoPeople, 2/6/2019)

Whole Person Librarianship: Fostering Empathy in Challenging Times (WebJunction, 3/28/2017)

The Inclusive Library - Best Practices for Serving Patrons Experiencing Homelessness (Texas State Library, 3/21/2017)

Serving At-Risk Patrons: Lessons from Library Social Workers (ALA, 7/19/2016)

Understanding and Serving People Experiencing Homelessness: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Library Service (PLA, 2015)

Public Libraries and the Homeless: Legal Issues (InfoPeople, 9/17/2013)

WHAT DO I DO NOW? Handling Challenging Situations with Mentally Ill and Homeless Library Users, Part 1 (InfoPeople, 5/14/2013)

WHAT DO I DO NOW? Handling Challenging Situations with Mentally Ill and Homeless Library Users, Part 2 (InfoPeople, 5/21/2013)

Online Resources

IFLA Guidelines for Library Services to People Experiencing Homelessness (IFLA Section for Library Services to People with Special Needs) 

Resources for Public Libraries Serving Persons Experiencing Homelessness (PLA)

Hunger, Homelessness & Poverty Task Force Resources (ALA)

Outreach Resources for Services to Poor and Homeless People (ALA)

Extending Our Reach: Reducing Homelessness Through Library Engagement (ALA)

A Librarian's Guide to Homelessness (YouTube video)

Facebook Group: Trauma Informed Services in Libraries

Facebook Group: Libraries and Homeless Patrons 

Books & other materials

Ryan J. Dowd. The Librarian's Guide to Homelessness: An Empathy-Driven Approach to Solving Problems, Preventing Conflict, and Serving Everyone. ALA Editions. 2018. Available at the Nevada State Library for ILL. Available for purchase through the ALA Store

Ryan J. Dowd. "The Librarian's Guide to Homelessness," American Libraries, June 1 2018. Accessible here

Neil Larry Shumsky. Homelessness: a documentary and reference guide. Greenwood: Santa Barbara, 2012. Available at the Nevada State Library for ILL

David Wagner & Jennifer Barton Gilman. Confronting homelessness: poverty, politics, and the failure of social policy. Lynne Rienner Publishers: Boulder, Colorado, 2012. Available at the Nevada State Library for ILL

Securing support for libraries is an ongoing challenge for libraries of any size. It can seem particularly daunting in small and rural communities with many needs and few resources. But small can be powerful when making your case for support. Advocacy is about persuading funders and other decision-makers to give you the support you need. It begins with the people who believe in libraries—you, your staff, board members, friends, volunteers and users. Making your case for support is all about getting organized and focused. The best way to do that is to keep it simple.

These resources are collected to help librarians and library staff in Nevada learn how to be effective advocates for their libraries in their communities. Building promotional skills can help librarians and library staff become more confident in explaining the importance of their library to community stakeholders. 


Getting Unstuck: Help Your Board, Staff, and Town Talk about Library Funding (ARSL & EveryLibrary, 08/22/2018)

Library leaders have been trained to "do more with less" for so long that it’s become a virtue. If your budget is stuck, and your board, staff and stakeholders are having a hard time talking about new taxes or levies, this webinar can help. Please join us for real-world, practical, actionable advice on how to overcome local political problems, negative feelings, and unmotivated stakeholders, to move your library toward a more financially secure future.

Voter Perceptions of Libraries: Getting From Awareness to Funding in 2018 (OCLC & WebJunction, 04/17/2018)

Take Action: Using and Presenting Research Findings to Make Your Case (WebJunction, 10/03/2018)

Build Your Political Literacy Skills for Advocacy (ARSL & EveryLibrary, 04/22/2017)

Online Resources

The Small but Powerful Guide to Winning Big Support for Your Rural Library (ALA)

From Awareness to Funding: Voter Perceptions and Support of Public Libraries 2018 (OCLC)

EveryLibrary Action Training Guides (EveryLibrary)

Advocacy in Action: Local Library Awareness Campaigns (WebJunction) 

Turning the Page: Supporting Libraries, Strengthening Communities (PLA)

Library Campaign Training Institute (ALA) 

United for Libraries Advocacy Resources (ALA)

Library Advocate's Handbook (ALA)

Books & Other Resources

Comito, Lauren. Grassroots library advocacy. Chicago: American Library Association, 2012. Available at the Nevada State Library for ILL. 

Activism and the school librarian: tools for advocacy and survival. Levitov, Deborah (Ed.). Santa Barbara, California: Libraries Unlimited, 2012. Available at the Nevada State Library for ILL

Marketing your library: tips and tools that work. Carol Smallwood, Vera Gubnitskaia and Kerol Harrod (Eds.). Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Company, Inc., 2012.Available at the Nevada State Library for ILL

Siess, Judith A. The visible librarian : asserting your value with marketing and advocacy. Chicago: American Library Association, 2003. Available at the Nevada State Library for ILL.

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