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2020 LSTA

Project Surveys

Editable Blank Surveys


When to survey

An evaluation survey for the following LSTA funded instructional programs, content acquisition/creation, and planning projects is required by IMLS. The survey questions vary, depending on the activity and beneficiary: 

Instructional Program for the Public
  1. I learned something by participating in this library activity
  2. I feel more confident about what I just learned
  3. I intend to apply what I just learned
  4. I am more aware of resources and services provided by the library
  5. I am more likely to use other library resources and services
Instructional Program for Library Staff
  1. I learned something by participating in this library activity
  2. I feel more confident about what I just learned
  3. I intend to apply what I just learned
  4. Applying what I learned will help improve library services to the public
Content Acquisition or Creation for Library Staff
  1. I am satisfied that the resource is meeting library needs
  2. Applying the resource will help improve library services to the public
Planning/Evaluation for Library Staff
  1. I believe the planning/evaluation addresses library needs
  2. I am satisfied with the extent to which the plan/evaluation addresses library needs
  3. I believe the information from the plan/evaluation will be applied to address library needs

The above questions are from IMLS. Please, do NOT alter them, but feel free to add additional questions or a comments section to suit your project outcome needs. 

Why Survey

The survey questions, which align with PLA’s Project Outcome, are meant to do two things:

  1. Help measure project outputs/outcomes for the final evaluation, while at the same time providing a tool for to make informed data driven decisions regarding future activities
  2. Help IMLS identify new innovations, investment patterns, and track trends regarding LSTA effectiveness, value and impact

Reporting Your Survey Results

Do NOT submit the actual surveys to NSLAPR. Aggregate the results ON THESE WORKSHEETS and submit them with your final report.

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