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SCLL member Joan Dalusung

State Council on Libraries and Literacy member Joan Dalusung. 

State Council on Libraries & Literacy

A message to SCLL members:

Thank you for accepting appointment to the state’s advisory board on libraries and literacy. As a councilmember you will help guide the direction of library and literacy development in our state. Libraries and literacy work hand in hand to create the foundation for an informed society. Libraries provide free access to the knowledge, information and diversity of ideas essential to a democratic society. Literacy is the means for each individual to take advantage of what libraries have to offer. 

The challenges faced by libraries and literacy programs today in assuring the free flow of information and service are numerous. Technology, access, intellectual freedom, and finances, are several of the complex and important issues affecting these organizations. As a councilmember, you will be an important part of the changing library and literacy landscape.

We hope that this site will assist you with your important responsibilities. And thank you again for all of Nevada for your willingness to participate in shaping the future of libraries and literacy in our state.

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