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State Council on Libraries & Literacy

The State Council on Libraries and Literacy advises and assists the State Library, Archives and Public Records with its statewide library and literacy responsibilities. Membership, as outlined by NRS 380A.041, consists of citizens appointed by the Governor to reflect the diversity of the State as well as ex-officio representatives of state government agencies that share in the advancement of library and literacy goals. 

Ananda Campbell

Ananda Campbell
Labor Organizations​
Term expires: 06/30/21

Ian Salzman

Ian Salzman
​Classroom Reading Teacher
Term expires: 10/31/19

Margot Chappel

Margot Chappel
Dept. of Health & Human Services

Tiffany Tyler-Garner
Dept. of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation

Pat Ragains
Persons with Disabilities

Joan Dalusung

Joan Dalusung, vice chairperson
Public Libraries
Term expires: 06/30/20

Nancy Cummings Schmidt

Nancy Cummings-Schmidt, chairperson
Private Literacy Organizations​
Term expires: 06/30/19

Lisa Foley
Member of the Public
Term expires: March 30, 2022

Kim Petersen

Kim Petersen
Dept. of Corrections

Private Sector Employers

David Ortlipp

David Ortlipp
Library Trustees
Term expires: 06/30/21

Robert Jones

Robert Jones
School Libraries
Term expires: 06/30/20

Karsten Heise

Karsten Heise
​Governor's Office of Economic Development

Deonne Contine
Department of Administration

Jeanne Frazier Price

Jeanne Price
Special Libraries
Term expires: 06/30/21

Kathlin Ray

Kathlin Ray
Academic Libraries
Term expires: 06/30/20

Kathleen Galland Collins

Kathleen Galland-Collins
Dept. of Education

Tammy Westergard, Secretary
Administrator, Nevada State Library

The Governor believes that all citizens should have direct access to their government and have the right to help shape public policy. The Governor has the privilege and authority to confirm or appoint members to numerous boards and commissions. Most boards and commissions are created by federal law, state legislation, or executive order of the Governor. Each state board has a different role and membership requirements. The membership is outlined in the enabling document and is usually narrowly defined, often including requirements for political or geographic diversity. 

For more information on the process, please visit the Boards and Commissions for the State of Nevada website.