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Council LSTA Review Process

This April, Council will meet for the final review of the LSTA competitive grant applications. Review packets, containing each library's application and backup documentation (letters of support, job descriptions, technology specs, etc.) will be made available as soon the final applications are submitted. 

Competitive grant applicants will be invited to attend the April Council meeting for a 15 minute Q&A session to go over any aspect of their projects that may need additional clarification.

After the Q&A, there will be an open discussion. At this point, Council may adjust their initial application scores. NSLAPR staff will then gather final scores, tally figures, and present final rankings. These ranking represent Council's recommendations for LSTA funding. The NSLAPR Division Administrator will make final LSTA funding decisions contingent upon final federal LSTA allocations made to the state.

NOTE: Grant Applications are confidential until the review and ranking session during the Council Meeting. Please do not share content or discuss the grant projects until that time. 

Community Grants Portal

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