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Beginner's Program

If you're not ready to commit to the full Nevada XR Libraries initiative or you'd like a chance to try out virtual reality technology in your library, the Beginner's Program is a great place to start!

We'll lend you a Beginner's VR Kit, which includes an Oculus Go virtual reality headset pre-loaded with content for three months. The kit comes with a user's guide to help you get started as well as surveys and waiver forms for patrons. This three month period is for your library to spend time getting to know the technology, encouraging everyone on staff to try it out, gathering interest from patrons, and getting a feel for if this would be a good fit in your library. 

At the end of the three months, just send us the kit back with your completed survey forms and we'll get it ready to go to the next library. 

Want to sign up to join the Beginner's Program? Send Matt ( an email to let him know.