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Centennial Commission

The Nevada Centennial Commission was created by a statute of 1961 to organize and support the celebration of Nevada's 100th birthday as a member of the Union, 1864-1964. The general purposes of the Commission were to: "sell Nevada to Nevadans - to create great pride in citizenship; and to sell Nevada to the United States, and to the rest of the world." Statutes of 1963 set the termination date of the Commission at June 30, 1965.

Centennial Commission Agency History



9 cu. ft.

Files of correspondence relating to the purposes and accomplishments of the Commission, from its creation in 1961 up to its termination in 1965. Arranged alphabetically.

Records of Events


2.5 cu. ft.

Records of special events, being a tally of every event related to the preparation and the celebration of the centennial, marked S1 through S145, and arranged chronologically.

General Commission Records


2 cu. ft.

Receipts, statements, guest register, invitations, and other miscellany related to the activities of the Commission.

Early-Day Family Committee Materials


1.25 cu. ft.

Materials gathered from questionnaires designed to trace the early families of Nevada, before and since statehood. Arranged by counties.

County Events


1 cu. ft.

Every county and community in the State joined in planning the festivities. This series contains the files of the county-level plans and activities.

Financial Records


2.25 cu. ft.

State Controller's warrant registers, ledger, and other financial documents.

Reports and News Releases


2 cu. ft.

Day by day news releases, drafts, and final reports.

Commission for the Bicentennial of the American Revolution
Commission for the Bicentennial of the American Revolution Agency History



29 cu. ft.

The bulk of the record group is correspondence to and from the national American Revolution Bicentennial Administration (ARBA), the Nevada American Revolution Bicentennial Commission (NARBC), Region 9 chapter of the ARBA to which Nevada belonged, local communities and units in the State, and other states. Project proposals and applications for grants-in-aid to both ARBA and NARBC constitute the majority of correspondence. Included also are the financial reports related to these projects. These are generally arranged according to county, city or institution and agency. Correspondence related to the medallion project of the NARBC is also part of the collection and includes inquiries, orders and complaints.



1 cu. ft.

Records of the minutes of the Nevada American Revolution Bicentennial Commission meetings from the first session in 1972 through the final session in 1977. These are filed in binders and in chronological order.

Financial Records


2 cu. ft.

Records of the Commission's budget, and expenses and income from the Bicentennial medallion. The financial reports related to projects and grants are included with the project files in the Correspondence series.

Newspaper Clippings


4 cu. ft.

Filed newspaper clippings that are mounted in scrapbooks constitute four (4) archives boxes. There are, however, a number of clippings inserted among the correspondence.

Published Materials


1 cu. ft.

This series contains the publications of ARBA, Bicentennial News, and information guides and manuals, the NARBC's Opus '76, as well as various publications received from other states. These are not located in one container, but can be found in several places in the collection.

Commission for the Bicentennial of the United State Constitution

The Nevada Commission for the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution was created by executive order of the Governor on July 1, 1986, to promote the celebration of the two hundredth year of the United States Constitution.

Commission for the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution Agency History

Administrative Records


1.3 cu. ft.

Minutes and agendas of commission meetings, Supreme Court presentation, resolutions, reports, policies, audits, and financial records. Of these, the minutes and agendas are the best organized and are arranged chronologically.



3 cu. ft.

Director's correspondence filed in chronological order; project applications and proposals.

Printed Matter & Audio-Visual Material


0.7 cu. ft.

Pamphlets, books, and calendars from out-of-state sources; newspaper clippings from local papers; also, photographs and video tape.

Commission on Tourism
Commission on Tourism Agency History


1982-1992 (1977)

2.75 cu. ft.

Files of correspondence relating to the purposes and accomplishments of the Commission, from its creation in 1961 up to its termination in 1965. Arranged alphabetically.

Nevada Tourism Commission


0.3 cu. ft.

Twelve folders of photographs, slides, and printed materials for brochures and conferences for the promotion of tourism.

Tales from Nevada Magazine

(1977) 1982-1985

2.5 cu. ft.

Recordings of Norm Nielson's "Tales from Nevada Magazine," radio short subjects based on stories and articles from Nevada Magazine. One audio cassette tape, 1 seven-inch audio reel, and the rest in 5-inch audio reels.

Council on the Arts
Council on the Arts Agency History

NSCA Files


3 cu. ft.

The series consists of the minutes of Council meetings, correspondence and newsletters. Additional and duplicate minutes are available in Nevada Documents 29AR7.

Grant Files


18 cu. ft.

This series constitutes the bulk of the agency collection, reflecting its primary function, and includes the various programs and projects supported by the NSCA. This series includes files for all grants awarded by the Council.

Governor's Arts Award


0.75 cu. ft.

This is an annual program initiated in 1980 by the office of Nevada's chief executive in coordination with the NSCA to honor outstanding contributors to the arts. The Council initiated the first awards program in 1978 as the Decade Award in honor of the Council's first ten years. Early materials in this series document the creation of the Advisory Commission on the Arts in 1963 and the legislative effort to create the Council in 1967.

National Endowment for the Arts 1972-1993 0.6 cu. ft.
The NSCA receives the bulk of its funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and disperses those funds through grants to support leadership positions for community arts councils for cultural activities, and to survey Nevada's Native American colonies and reservations. This series consists of evaluation reports for Nevada grants, fiscal and final reports, and correspondence.

Department of Cultural Affairs
Department of Cultural Affairs Agency History

General Records


2 cu. ft.

Files on public relations information, news clippings, contracts, newsletters, and press releases from the DCA.

Exploring Nevada DVDs


1 cu. ft.

Master copies of the Exploring Nevada series (prod. Gwen Clancy).

Indian Commission


Records of the Nevada Indian Commission (NIC) consist of minutes of meetings, correspondence, reports created by NIC, materials created by or sent to the governor, and reference and subject files. Minutes and correspondence files are chronological; reference and subject files are alphabetical according to general subject, author or title.

Topics represented within this collection which are of special interest to Nevada Indians include: alcohol and drug abuse; children (the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978); civil rights; compacts between tribes, states, and the United States; individual Nevada Indian tribes; reservations and allotments; economic development for Indians; education; gaming; health care; historic preservation; housing; hunting and fishing; juveniles; land; law and order; Indian courts and tribal jurisdiction; tobacco sales; nuclear waste; religious freedom for Indian prison inmates; retrocession; Stewart Indian School; taxes; water and water rights; Truckee River water negotiations; and Western Shoshone legal issues.

Indian Commission Agency History



3 cu.ft.

NIC correspondence is arranged chronologically and covers the general activities of the Commission. Included are budget, audit and status reports for 1975-1976 and 1980. Occasionally, correspondence is included in the subject files.



1.5 cu. ft.

NIC minutes document agendas and meetings. The Nevada State Library and Archives received minutes from the NIC in two parts. The largest consisted of binders (contents now in folders) of agendas and minutes, with few supplementary materials. The dates for these materials are September 21, 1965 to 2002. The second group of minutes was originally housed in folders and included backup materials as well as agendas and minutes. These minutes appear to be for special meetings held throughout Nevada from July 31, 1976 until July 11, 1981. Two additional folders are undated but appear to be from 1980 and/or 1981.

Subject and Reference Files


38 cu. ft.

The Nevada Indian Commission made a concerted effort to develop files which could serve as an information source for topics of interest and concern to the Nevada Indian community. These files were generally grouped by major topic, such as "water" or "compacts." Within each major topic the arrangement was alphabetical by title or author. The contents included reports, government publications (both State of Nevada and the U.S. governments), journal articles, scholarly essays on individual issues, newspaper clippings, environmental impact statements, and Nevada legislative minutes and backup materials. Additionally, the NIC collected printed findings of state and national law courts; constitutions, ordinances, and enrollment lists of Nevada Indian tribes and bands; educational materials from seminars and specialized post-graduate training courses; election materials for the issue of retrocession; copies of compacts between tribes and Nevada and the federal government; surveys to collect data on Nevada Indians; and land claim settlements.

125th Anniversary Commission
125th Anniversary Commission Agency History



2.3 cu. ft.

Two records boxes and one document box constitute the Correspondence files, and are arranged alphabetically. They include newspaper clippings pertinent to the celebrations, as well as commemorative publications.

Project Files


2 cu. ft.

Applications and proposals to obtain funding for various projects to commemorate the historic event, ranging from socio-cultural activities, restoration and enhancement of historic sites and structures, and education and statehood celebrations. Special emphasis was placed on statewide projects and geographical distribution of funds. Through three rounds of funding, sixty grants were awarded. The decisions were made during the commission meetings, hence this series includes the minutes of commission meetings.

Project Products


1 cu. ft.

Consists of audio cassettes, video tapes, and publications which were the final results of some of the projects.