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Funeral Directors and Embalmers Board
Funeral Directors and Embalmers Board Agency History

Administrative Records and Correspondence


1 cu. ft.

This series of mixed administrative records contains lists of licenses (1909-1995); correspondence (1958); legal cases; meeting minutes (1932-1999); and appointments (1968-1990).

Board of Naturopathy
Board of Naturopathy Agency History

General Administrative Records

1963; 1979; 1982-1987

1 cu. ft.

This series consists of agendas and minutes of board meetings; appointments of members of the Board; official correspondence; examination materials, legislative files, list of members and voting records of Board members, scope and practice, approved seminars and procedure manual. Included with the files are materials from John Bastyr College presented to the board for approval.

Individual Member Files


1 cu. ft.

The individual member files consist of application correspondence.

Individual Examinations


1 cu. ft.

File of sets of examinations take by applicants, identified only by ID numbers and dates of the examinations. Included are samples of the examinations and examination materials such as slides.

Board of Nursing

The materials in this record group consist of the minutes of board meetings, 1923-1974; microfilm of the log books of the Licensed Practical and Registered Nurses, including lapsed and current members; and microfilm of the Licensee Index Card File. The records contain the name, address, school of nursing attended, location of the school, license number, and residence of the applicant (state or country). There is a separate listing of nurses belonging to religious orders working in the various hospitals in Nevada.

Board of Nursing Agency History

Minutes of Board Meetings


0.5 cu. ft.

Records of the periodic board meetings since the creation of the Board in 1923, initially held every six months, eventually held three and then four times a year, for the purpose of holding the examinations for certification or licensing.

Log Book for Licensed Practical Nurses and Licensed Registered Nurses


1.2 cu. ft.

Microfilm copies of the log book of licensed practical nurses and licensed registered nurses, including lapsed and current members. The file distinguishes the nurses belonging to religious orders in a separate listing. The numbers of the licenses for both the practical and the registered nurses follow one sequence. The information contained in the log book includes application for exam, name, address, school of nursing attended, location of school, license or certification number, and the origin of the applicant (state or country).

Licensee Index Card File


0.3 cu. ft.

The Licensee Card File consists of microfilm of 5"x 8" index cards with the names of all licensees in the State of Nevada. The cards contain name, address, education, basis of registration (whether by examination or endorsement), license number, date issued, action taken, and endorsement from other states.

Board of Pharmacy
Board of Pharmacy Agency History



1.5 cu. ft.

Minutes consist of accounts of meetings of the State Board. Included are discussions about applications received for examinations, questions of reciprocity with other states, wording of proposed regulations, and disciplinary matters. The minutes for 1943-1949 consist of informal, sketchy notes. There are no minutes for several (scattered) years. Later minutes include names of registered pharmacists and candidates for examination. Arranged chronologically.

Registers of Licensed Pharmacists


6 vols.

The earlier registers of licensed pharmacists include certificate (registration) number, name, address, date of registration, diploma or certificate (source of), date of diploma, and remarks (examination score, date of replacement of certificate, notation of death, etc). Later entries contain name, certificate number, address, date of registration, remarks, date of reciprocal data, and exam scores. Volumes of special licenses consist of registers of pharmacists licensed for controlled substances, and licenses for non-pharmacists authorized to dispense, manufacture, or distribute pharmaceuticals (manufacturers, clerks, health care facilities, veterinarians, etc). Arranged by registration number (chronological).

Commission on Aging Services
Commission on Aging Services Agency History

Administrative Records


11 cu. ft.

The administrative records include files of the division administrator and deputy administrator, correspondence, state plans for aging programs, Attorney General opinions, legislation, press releases, speeches, needs assessment surveys and reports, and subject files for special events related to aging. The subject files include: the Senior Samaritan Awards; Senior Olympics, 1987-1998; White House Conferences on Aging, 1971, 1980-1981; Lake Tahoe Wellness Conference, 1987; and the Governor's Conferences on Aging, 1978-1997.

The administrative records came to the Nevada State Archives at various times and from several sources within the agency so there is no consistent order to the record series. An in-house database is available for staff to search.

Project Files


51.5 cu. ft.

This series documents grants awarded to Nevada local governments, civic organizations, and private social services agencies to deliver services to Nevada's elderly population. The types of grants included nutrition and meal programs, transportation, legal aid, construction or repair of senior centers, commodities distribution, conferences and workshops on administering programs for the elderly, senior employment, homemaker services, adult day care centers, minor home repair and maintenance, and foster grandparents. Documents included in this series vary but generally include grant applications, notifications of awards, final audit reports, assessment and monitoring reports, and some correspondence. The series is arranged overall by year and within each year by project or grant number. An in-house database finding aid is available.

Nevada Commission on Aging Records


3 cu. ft.

Records of the Commission on Aging consist of Commission meeting packets. Each packet generally contains agendas, minutes of previous meetings, reports, and statistical summaries about state aging programs. These files were transferred to the State Archives at various times and from several sources so there is some overlap. Some files are more complete than others.

Advisory Boards and Commissions


1 cu. ft.

The Nevada Commission on Aging is the policy making body for the Division of Aging Services but it was not established by the Legislature until 1983. Prior to that time several advisory commissions existed that reflected the Division's organization into service areas. Since creation of the Commission on Aging, other advisory groups have worked with the Division, including: Advisory Commission for the Nevada State Division of Aging Services, 1973-1981; Advisory Commission to the Office of the Division of Aging Services for Northern Nevada, 1978-1988; Advisory Commission to the Las Vegas Office of the Division of Aging Services, 1981-1983; the Advisory Commission to the University of Nevada Gerontology Center, 1986-1988; and Older Americans Programs Advisory Council for Northern Nevada and Older Americans Programs Advisory Council for Southern Nevada, 1989-1993. The dates provided indicate the range of dates for records in this collection.

The records of these organizations consist of some correspondence and meeting packets.

Division of Employment of People with Disabilities
Division of Employment of People with Disabilities Agency History

Administrative Records


4 cu. ft.

This series consists of the correspondence, minutes and agendas of the quarterly meetings; legislative bills, including reference information relative to the legislative agenda; surveys; and reports. Only a portion of the correspondence is arranged in alphabetical order. The records of meetings are in chronological order by date.

Public Information Programs


4 cu. ft.

The public information program which focused on the special problems and needs of the disabled documents the annual "Employ the Handicapped Week," Ms. Wheelchair Pageant, State Fairs, Special Children's Day at the Mansion, Handicapped Employee of the Year, America Disability Act workshops, Nevada "Ability Counts" writing contests, and Disability Rights Education and Defense, Inc. Many of the programs include photographs of the activities. There is no clear system of arrangement.

Barrier-Free Environment


1 cu. ft.

This series documents the programs to provide a barrier-free environment for the handicapped, especially in the removal of architectural and transportation barriers, and include legislation, the Subcommittee of Architects and Engineers, and other access programs. There is no clear system of arrangement.

Section 504


1 cu. ft.

This series pertains to Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and covers the issues related to transportation, access in libraries, parking and ramps, employment at the post office, transition plans, compliance forms and surveys, coordinating committee, as well as seminars and education workshops to promote knowledge of the Act. Arrangement is generally topical.

Division of Health

The records of the Nevada Division of Health consist of materials documenting administration of the Division and not individual programs such as Radiological Health or Aging (both of which have separate finding aids). There are no grant or patient files.

Division of Health Agency History

Board of Health Meetings


12 cu. ft.

Minutes, agendas, and meeting materials.

Health Division Administrator


4 cu. ft.

Correspondence, bureau correspondence, legislative files, fundamental review.

Bureaus of the Heath Division


5 cu. ft.

Materials on the following bureaus: Community Health Services, Consumer Health Protection Services, Disease Control and Intervention Services, Family Health Services, Health Facilities, Health Planning, and Health Protection Services.

Hospital Services


1 cu. ft.

Annual Plan for Construction of Hospitals and Mental Health Facilities, hospital licenses.

Northern & Southern Nevada Children's Homes

NOTE: Former Children's Home residents may look at everything in their own files except the juvenile court and probation documents. These are only accessible through the juvenile court system. The copies in the files exist because the staff at the home needed to have that information to provide proper care for the individual.

Family members of former residents may look at everything in the file except the juvenile court and probation documents; medical and dental records; case reports from social workers; and the psychological and psychiatric reports. Medical files and psychiatric reports are restricted under NRS 629.021-061 and social worker reports are restricted under NRS 49.251-254.

Family members with power of attorney may see everything except juvenile court and probation records.

All official records can be photocopied except juvenile court and probation documents.

Personal files will be given to the individual or to a family member with power of attorney upon completion of Receipt for Personal Items in the Records of the Nevada Children's Homes form.

Northern & Southern Nevada Children's Homes Agency History

Records - Northern Nevada


59 cu. ft. + 20 vols.

The records of the Northern Nevada Children's Home consist of administrative records: annual reports, financial materials, admittance records, correspondence, newsletters, architectural plans and drawings, Board of Directors' minutes, and photographs, and client files. The client files are arranged alphabetically with an index available. Access to individual client or case files is limited to the clients themselves.

Records - Southern Nevada


43 cu. ft.

The records of the Southern Nevada Children's Home consist of two cubic feet of administrative records and forty-one cubic feet of client case files. The administrative records contain correspondence, reports, architectural plans and reports related to construction of the facility, population reports, sanitation reviews, newsletters, and photographs. All materials containing references to specific children that were not in case files have been discarded. Case files are arranged alphabetically with an index.

Office of Community Services
Office of Community Services Agency History

General Administrative Files


4.5 cu. ft.

This series consists of the general files created and received in the routine planning and management activities of the Office of Community Services. Its arrangement is largely chronological.

Reader Files


8.5 cu. ft.

The Reader Files constitute the bulk of the record group, and are classified as Governor's Reader File, Director's Reader File, and Program Chief (James Hawke) Reader File. Included in the series are correspondence, press releases and one folder marked "Variance." Under each classification the records are arranged in chronological order.

Welfare Division

 The State Archives has an in-house database which provides access to specific items in the collection.

Welfare Division Agency History

Welfare Board Meetings


6 cu. ft.

Meeting materials, including minutes.

Welfare Board Correspondence


1 cu. ft.

Correspondence related to the running of the Welfare Board.

Welfare Board and Welfare Department Press Clippings


3 cu. ft.

Newspaper articles pertaining to the Welfare Board.

Welfare Division Administrator Records


10 cu. ft.

The Division administrator records include files on NOMADS (Nevada Operations of Multi Automated Data Systems) and TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) including the annual state plan. NOMADS was a massive project to convert paper records of welfare case files to electronic format. There are files of the Welfare Reform Task Force, correspondence with federal and state agencies, and executive staff meeting materials. In addition, there is correspondence with the Legislative Counsel Bureau and legislative files regarding bills requested by the Welfare Division.

Welfare Deputy Administrator Records


3 cu. ft.

The Deputy Administrative records include files on caseload projections for the Division, files related to welfare reform, and correspondence regarding the Division’s budget.