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Advisory Mining Board

Advisory Mining Board Agency History
Records 1952-1995 42 cu. ft.
General Office Files         1982-1987 7 cu. ft.

Miscellaneous office files arranged alphabetically by topic, from Administrative through Workers' Compensation.

Nevada Advisory Mining Board 1974-1977 1 cu. ft.
The files of Chairman Douglas Miller, most related to the controversy over Bureau of Land Management mining regulations. Included are 1977 budget papers, possibly the last before the abolishment of the Board.
Minutes 1957, 1974-1988 4 cu. ft.
Minutes, notices, announcements and resolutions from Boards and Commissions under the Department of Conservation and Minerals. The files are mixed throughout several boxes of correspondence and other materials.
Correspondence  1952-1985 6 cu. ft.
Hearings 1954, 1984-1988 10 cu. ft.
Records regarding the hearings held to help plan and administer mineral resource use throughout the State. Each case was assigned a docket number. Audio cassette tapes of hearings are included.
Permits  1974-1995 15 cu. ft.
Oil and Gas Conservation Commission permits granted, expired permits, information about oil companies no longer drilling in Nevada, and geothermal expired or never drilled permits. The former are in permit order number, the rest alphabetical.
Additional Records     

MINING ADVISORY BOARD  1959  in  GOV-0249  052-053

MINING ADVISORY BOARD  1960  in  GOV-0259  027

MINING ADVISORY BOARD  1961  in  GOV-0270  028

MINING ADVISORY BOARD  1961  in  GOV-0341  031

MINING ADVISORY BOARD  1963  in  GOV-0296  039

MINING ADVISORY BOARD  1965  in  GOV-0322  024

MINiNG ADVISORY BOARD  1966  in  GOV-0332  031

Civilian Conservation Corps

There are no records of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the Nevada State Archives. The CCC was a federal program and the records are at the National Archives. They are in Record Group 35 "Records of the Civilian Conservation Corps." The records are arranged by state and camp number. A guide to the records is available online at

The Civilian Personnel Archive provides information on how to request CCC records from the National Archives.

Written requests may be mailed to:

National Archives & Records Administration
Attn: Archival Programs
PO Box 38757
St. Louis, MO 63138

Department of Conservation

Department of Conservation Agency History
Correspondence 1955-1999 27 cu. ft.
These records include correspondence from the Governor's Office, from the divisions of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, from the Legislative branch, and correspondence regarding the budgetary process. Arranged chronologically overall and within each year by type of record (correspondence, budget), and then alphabetically by division.
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency 1975-1998 6 cu. ft.
These records were gathered as a result of the Director's membership on the board of the TRPA. The records include correspondence, meeting material and minutes. Arranged chronologically.
  • Correspondence, 1975-1977
  • Meetings, January-June 1989
  • Meetings, June-December 1989
  • Exhibits, 1989
  • Correspondence, 1990
  • Meetings, January 1990
  • Meetings, January-October, 1990
  • Meetings, October-December, 1990
  • Exhibits, 1990
  • Correspondence, 1991, 1992-1996
  • Meetings, Jan.-May, 1991
  • Exhibits, 1991
Boards and Commissions 1978-2001 2 cu. ft.
These records were gathered as a result of the Director's membership on various boards and commissions. The records includes meeting material and minutes from various boards and commissions including the Advisory Board on Natural Resources and the Advisory Board for Water Resources. Arranged chronologically.

Division of Forestry

The Division of Forestry is responsible for the protection and management of state and privately owned forest, watershed lands, and federal lands under contracts in Nevada. The Division has primary fire protection responsibilities within five organized Clarke-McNary Fire Districts and provides technical assistance to private landowners in forest management, insect and disease problems, windbreak tree programs, greenbelts, and local environmental issues. Forestry provides technical assistance to local governments and rural communities in urban forestry programs.

Minerals Division

Minerals Division Agency History
General Office Files 1982-1987 7 cu. ft.
Miscellaneous collection of office files arranged alphabetically by topic, from Administrative through Workers' Compensation.
Nevada Advisory Mining Board 1974-1977 1 cu. ft.
This Board was created in 1943 to further the mining industry and was answerable to the Governor. Records in this series consist of files of the Chairman, Douglas Miller, the bulk of which are related to the controversy over Bureau of Land Management regulations on mining. Included also are budget papers for 1977, possibly the last before it was abolished in this year.
Minutes 1957; 1974-1988 4 cu. ft.
Included in this series are minutes, notices, announcements and resolutions from the Boards and Commissions under the Department of Conservation and Minerals. The files are scattered throughout several boxes of correspondence and other materials.
Correspondence 1952-1985 6 cu. ft.
Correspondence and reference files covering the many topics related to the mining industry: Interstate Oil Compact Commission, mineral resources, regulations, oil and gas conservation law, geothermal regulations, agreements, etc.
Hearings 1954; 1984-1988 10 cu. ft.
This series records the implementation of the agency's goal to administer and plan for the use of mineral resources in the best interest of the State and its citizens through a hearing process which each party was required to go through before accessing the State's mineral resources. Each case was assigned a docket number. The collection includes audio cassette tapes of the hearings.
Permits 1974-1995 15 cu. ft.
This series consists of Oil and Gas Conservation Commission records of permits granted (#160-300), expired permits, files about oil companies no longer drilling in Nevada, and geothermal expired or never drilled permits. The former are arranged consecutively by permit number, the latter ones are in alphabetical order.

Division of State Lands

Division of State Lands Agency History
Correspondence 1869-1945 34 boxes
This series includes both incoming and outgoing correspondence, much of it concerning applications and payments for lands, availability and status of lands, and disputed claims. Some of the types of correspondence include:
  • Incoming and outgoing correspondence from/to Nevada state agents in Washington, D. C., pertaining to the selection of state lands from the public domain
  • Letterpress copybooks of outgoing correspondence, 1887-1895
  • Incoming correspondence from the General Land Office, Department of the Interior, 1870-1915.
  • State Land Register correspondence, arranged alphabetically, 1909-1954
  • Letterpress volumes containing records of "Contests Certified to Court,"1890; and correspondence from the State Land Register to Nevada county assessors, 1891-1934.
  • Letterpress copybook of outgoing correspondence from the Register of the U. S. Land Office in Carson City, 1867-1868
  • Incoming letters from the Carson City District of the U. S. General Land Office, 1894-1900
  • Letters to and from the U. S. Surveyor General's office in Reno, 1887-1934
  • Letters to the U. S. Land offices at Eureka and Carson City
  • Plates, maps, clippings, and photographs. Found in individual files.
Land Patents 1865-1990 24 vols.

Official records of patents for lands issued by the Nevada Surveyor General/State Lands Office. Each includes name of patentee, description/location of land granted by patent, patent number, and date. Arranged chronologically/numerically by date of patent/patent number.

The State Lands office compiled a searchable data base for the land patents, available here. The data base is searchable by name of patentee, township and range, and patent number. The official land patent records are at the Nevada State Archives.

Surveys 1863-1913  

The first surveys of Nevada lands were undertaken to determining boundaries - between California and Nevada and between individual counties. The first survey, conducted by Butler Ives in 1863, was to determine the boundary between California and Nevada. A second California/Nevada boundary survey was conducted by Allexey W. von Schmidt and Willis Drummond in 1872. The Nevada State Archives has a copy of the original map which is part of the National Archives, entitled "Map of Eastern Boundary of the State of California as Surveyed ...20 July, 1872..." Map room.

Other surveys in the State Archives include:

  • Field notes of a survey of a part of the eastern boundary of Washoe County made February 1869 by Andrew J. Hatch, Washoe County Surveyor. SECSTATE-0969, file 15
  • Field notes of Section 19, T3N, R58E, September 23, 1881. No author. NSLO-0117, file 4
  • Field notes of the survey of the county line between Humboldt and Churchill [Counties] surveyed October 1, 1888 by W.E. Bowen, County Surveyor, Humboldt County. NSLO-0257
  • Survey of the boundary line between Nye and Esmeralda and Mineral Counties, November 7, 1913 by W.J. Moran, E.A. Byler, and W.P. McCarthy
Maps 1861-1929 229 sheets + assorted folders
An important responsibility of the U.S. Surveyor General was compiling maps of lands in new territories and states. Contracts were let to several dozen surveyors to map out the territory and state of Nevada beginning in 1861. Copies of the resultant maps were deposited with the Nevada State Surveyor General's office. Maps not transferred to the State Archives remain with the State Lands Office.
Miscellaneous Records    

Other kinds of records include the following which often reflect complicated financial procedures between the State Land Registrar, State Controller, and State Treasurer for receiving and distributing monies from the sale of land patents:

  • Clear lists ("Abstract of Certified Lists of Lands Granted to the State of Nevada by the United States")
  • Alphabetical Index Listing Contract Numbers
  • Payments on Contracts Certified to Controller
  • Daily Total of Interest Payments on Land Certified to Controller
  • Applications Certified to Controller
  • Contracts on Prior Deposit Certified to Controller
  • Contracts on Prior Deposit Certified to Treasurer
  • Completed Sales
  • Withdrawal Deposits
  • Patent Certificates
  • County Assessors' reports
  • Carey Act files, indexes, applications
  • "Chapter 633" forms (Nevada Statutes, 1979)
  • Remittances
  • Indexes to applications
  • Cash books
  • Abstract books

The records of the State Lands office include those representing functions later assigned to other agencies:

  • State officials and agencies represented in these records include: Treasurer; Controller; Department of Public Instruction; Board of Regents; Board of Immigration; Commission on State Land Law; State Multiple Use Advisory Committee on Federal Lands; Commission of Industry, Agriculture and Irrigation; State Engineer.
  • Records pertaining to the Surveyor General's membership in the Association of Executive Officers of Land Departments of Public Land States, formed in 1931.
  • State Forester-Fire Warden, Assistant State Forester-Fire Warden, and Federal-State Forest Fire Control Cooperation records.
  • Legal papers
  • Deeds
  • Mineral affidavits
  • Grand jury report, 1956\
  • Taylor Grazing Act materials
  • Clippings
  • Camp fire permits
  • Supplementary Studies and Agreements, Lake Mead Fish Hatchery, 1971-1972

Division of State Parks

Division of State Parks Agency History
Park Commission 1934-1960 1 cu. ft.
This box consists of the files of the State Park Commission which was almost dormant from its inception in 1935 to its reactivation in 1955. The first twenty years of correspondence are from the office of Robert Allen who was also the State Highway Engineer and Chairman of the State Planning Board. The files from the 1950's include a transcription of the October 1957 meeting of the Park Commission, as well as correspondence from the Executive Director of the Parks System.
Parks Division 1955-1994, bulk 1961-1994 16 cu. ft.

These records consist of files of the Park Division of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The majority of the records are from the office of the Administrator of the Division who, for many years was John Richardson.

The first box consists of correspondence from the 1960s and early 1970s and quarterly reports from the early 1970s. The correspondence is filed by subject, including state and federal agencies and state park organizations.

The other 15 cubic feet of records are arranged by the State Parks filing system developed in the early 1970s and followed by the Division into the early 1990s. The filing system was retained when the records were processed by the State Archives.

Included in the files of the Division are year-end reports from 1980 to 1992, Park Advisory Commission meeting minutes from 1955 to 1992, and records of the Nevada Natural History Association-a group that ran the concessions in the parks. Also included is correspondence regarding the Tahoe Rim Trail and the Young Conservation Corps.

In this collection are records regarding potential park projects and voluminous correspondence related to park planning, including master plans for Nevada state parks. Lastly there are files on real property acquisition and disposal for park units which include land appraisals, title documents, maps, and drawings.

Other sources of records:    

Complimentary collections containing Park Commission and State Parks records can be found at the University of Nevada, Reno, Special Collections Department in the manuscript collections of Commission members Thomas Woodnut Miller and Margaret Wheat.

Thomas Woodnut Miller (NC441) was the first Park Commissioner (1935) and active on both the Commission and State Parks Advisory Commission until his death in 1973. 2 1/2 cubic feet of Parks material includes correspondence, minutes, general material and files on specific parks.

Margaret Wheat (83-24) was a Park Commissioner from 1953-1960 and often diametrically opposed to Thomas Woodnut Miller's policies and practices. Her collection of Parks material includes one cubic foot of correspondence, financial statements, clippings, bylaws, invoices, minutes of meetings, and notes.

Land Patents

All of the existing land patents from our archives have been digitized and are available on our Digital Collections

Mining Claims

All mining claims are recorded with the County Recorder. Taxes are assessed by the County Assessor and paid to the County Treasurer. All disputes over mining claims were decided in District Courts, whose records are filed with the County Clerk. The claim may also be described in the tax assessment records, filed with the County Assessor.

The State did not keep any records of individual mining claims except where the matter of location or claim was appealed to the Supreme Court.

Incorporated Mining Companies

Mining Companies incorporated in the State filed their articles of incorporation with the Secretary of the Territory from 1861 to 1864 and with the Secretary of State beginning in 1865. The State Archives has some of these incorporation records from 1861 to 1926. Mining companies that incorporated in another state were not required to file papers with the state until 1891. They did have to file information with the County Clerk in the County in which the corporation did business. The Secretary of state maintains a record of all active corporations or those that disincorporated after 1926.

A compilation of all domestic and foreign corporations, 1865-1912, can be found in the Biennial Report of the Secretary of State for the years 1911-1912, published in the Appendix to the Journals of the Senate and Assembly, in 1913.

State Mine Inspector

The State Mine Inspector kept card files showing mines in operation from 1909 to 1974. They are filed by company name by year. The records for the years 1909-1974 are in the State Archives with an alphabetical file of all company names for all years. This record series also includes some description of the mine's operation, addresses of managers, licenses of hoist operators (1922-1971) and mining accidents (1909-1971), both fatal and non fatal. These accident reports are now maintained by the Nevada State Industrial Insurance System.

Mining Inspector

Mining Inspector Agency History
Reports 1930-1974 7 cu. ft.
The series consists of health and safety reports, reports of fatal and nonfatal accidents, dust counts, complaints, and special investigations.
Mine Records 1909-1975 13 cu. ft.
About 4 c.f. of materials documenting fatal accidents (alphabetically and chronologically arranged); card files on the same, showing the names of the deceased, company, county, date, and cause of death; Nevada mine management personnel (arranged alphabetically, including the company name, addresses and references); Nevada mine report index, alphabetically arranged, and including company name, county and district, and years of reported activity; Nevada mineral producers' records, arranged by type product; Nevada mines, minerals, and smelter, arranged by company name; new mines and idle mines, according to county and company name; non-fatal accidents according to year, county, company, individual, and date; perennial mine and mill list, in alphabetical order according to company name, county, and years the mining reports were filed; mine reports, in alphabetical order; recommendations, arranged chronologically; alphabetical list of mines, mills and smelters (1918-1975); hoisting engineers license papers; mine serial numbers issued by the War Production Board during World War II, and a ledger of property inventory (1917-1918). The cards constitute the bulk of this series.
Correspondence 1909-1970 5 cu. ft.
The correspondence file reflects a significant period grouping: 1909-1951, and the 1955-1970 group labeled "daily reading file." The first period corresponds to the earliest office of the Inspector of Mines. There is an unexplained gap between 1951 and 1955, bringing the series to the last 20 years before the Office came directly under the Industrial Commission and before the functions of the Office were assumed by the Department of Industrial Safety.

State Forester, Fire Warden

State Forester, Fire Warden Agency History
General Files 1930-1950 3 cu. ft.

Arrangement: mostly by subject and there-under chronologically.

Evidently these files came from those of the Extension Forester of the University of Nevada's Agricultural Extension Division. From 1942 to 1957 the Extension Forester was designated as Assistant State Forester Fire Warden. This is confusing because it was not until 1945 that the Legislature created the position of State Forester Fire Warden. The Surveyor General of Nevada served in this capacity ex officio until the creation of the Division of Forestry in 1957.

Much of the correspondence is to and from the men who held the post of Extension Forester/Assistant State Forester Fire Warden. These and other materials reflect the wartime concerns of state and federal forestry and fire control. For example, there is information on the threat posed by Japanese incendiary balloon bombs. Other files relate to the Forester's civil defense obligations, such as overseeing the work of the Forest and Range Fire Fighters Service, which was a division of the federal Office of Civil Defense and, in Nevada, a component of the Nevada Council of Defense.

Several files explicate the Forester's role in implementing the Clarke-McNary Act of 1924, which provided federal aid to states for the prevention and suppression of forest fires. There is correspondence (arranged by county) regarding various Clarke-McNary matters, such as the Nevada Emergency Rural Fire Protection Project, Rural Fire Board, and Area and Cost reports. Other correspondence is with county extension agents and Extension Service personnel of neighboring states.

Besides correspondence, there are annual reports of the Extension Forester, fire reports, inspection forms, memorandums, land use planning reports and agreements, invoices, [press releases, and statistics. Printed material includes articles, pamphlets, Forest Service publications, and newsletters.

Other subjects covered include: tree planting; windbreaks, shelterbelts, and woodlots; seed distribution; Arbor Day; 4-H Club forestry projects; the fire prevention campaign of 1947; fire control equipment; legislation; training; the President's Fire Prevention Conference of 1947; and the Nevada Transient Relief Camp at Zephyr Cove, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, 1933-1934.

The records of the Surveyor General of Nevada document some of the state's involvement with forestry and fire control before 1941 and after the end of World War II. From 1957 onward records of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources' Division of Forestry contain material about these activities.

Activities documented in these files show the cooperative relationship in the areas of forestry and fire control between Nevada and various federal agencies. The latter include the Forest, Grazing, Fish and Wildlife, and Soil Conservation Services. The National Archives and Records Administration--Pacific Sierra Region, San Bruno, California, houses regional records of these agencies.

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