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Deferred Compensation Committee

The records of the Deferred Compensation Committee date from 1984-1995 and consist of two cubic feet of material. Some records transferred to the State Archives were not retained because of privacy considerations, in particular, applications for emergency (early) withdrawal of funds which were attached to the minutes. Following the Nevada State Records Schedule RDA#1997016, they were disposed of in a secure manner. Only the Committee’s decisions on emergency withdrawals were retained as part of the official minutes. 

Deferred Compensation Committee Agency History
Minutes 1984, 1989-1995 1 cu. ft.

Minutes of meetings include agendas, minutes, and some meeting packet materials. Minutes do not include applications from employee members for emergency withdrawal of funds. Those materials were discarded in a secure manner according to the Nevada State Records Center schedule RDA#1997016. Arranged chronologically.

Deferred Benefits Plan Administration 1987-1995 1 cu. ft.

This series includes correspondence regarding fund vendors, plan documents, contracts, analytical reports, Committee member certificates of appointment, Committee membership lists, and general plan information. Arranged by type of material and by date.

Department of Administration

Department of Administration Agency History
General Files 1981-1988 1 cu. ft.
The one box of General Files consists of a variety of subjects: Victims of Crime Program Statistics; division file on St. Mary's Hospital, and Remedy Health Services Appeal of Certificate of Need. The records are arranged chronologically under each subject.
Director's General Correspondence File 1986-1990 15.5 cu. ft.
This series constitutes the bulk of the records in the collection, and is made up of correspondence of the Director with the various state agencies and services, including general government, regulatory, education, public safety, conservation and natural resources, boards and commissions. The arrangement is generally alphabetical by agency or service, and chronological under each.
Department of Administration Records 1985-1988 1.5 cu.ft.
This series includes records from the purchasing division, the food distribution program, commodities, and quarterly usage reports, in chronological order under each subject.
State Motor Pool Administrator's File 1981-1993 3 cu. ft.
The first two boxes in this series are miscellaneous collection of correspondence and other materials received by the office of the State Motor Pool. The arrangement is haphazard and there is no evident order. The third box is a file copy of all the correspondence sent from the office of Administrator Dennis Colling. These are properly arranged in chronological order by dates.
Las Vegas Hearing 1986-1989 0.3 cu. ft.
This series consists of a single file folder of the Hearing Officer in Las Vegas. Arrangement in chronological order.

Division of Human Resource Management

Human Resources Management Division Agency History
Records 1953-2009 22 cu. ft.
Personnel Advisory Commission Meeting Files 1953-1983 4 c.f.
  • Personnel Commission Meeting Files     1983-2005     7 c.f.
  • Personnel Administrator Correspondence     1957-1984     0.5 c.f.
  • Intergovernmental Personnel Advisory Committee Files     1972-1982     0.5 c.f.
  • Merit Award Board Files     1993-1999     0.25 c.f.
  • Employee Management Committee Files     1971-1986, 1997-2009     0.75 c.f.
  • Hearing Officer Files     1973-2009     9 c.f.

Public Employee Retirement System

Public Employee Retirement System Agency History
Board Meetings 1947-1979 2 cu. ft.
Some files include just minutes of the meetings, while others include supplemental material for the meetings as well. Also, there are Capital Plaza Building files which PERS administered as an investment for the System.
Executive Officer Correspondence 1947-1977 2 cu. ft.
Alphabetically arranged by employer group. These records include interesting files such as correspondence with the University of Nevada, the Retired Public Employees of Nevada, and the actuarial firms employed by PERS.

Weather Service/Climatologist

Weather Service/Climatologist Agency History
U.S. Weather Bureau (USWB) Records 1897-1948
Climate and Crop Service, Nevada section Monthly Bulletins, 1897-1909, 1925-48
Reno Weather Station 1905-1970
  • Monthly record of observations, 1905-1915, 1917-1948.
  • USWB Forms 1001,1002, 1014.
  • Climatological record monthly compilations, 1888-1930.
  • Memoranda, 1905-1916, 1937-42.
  • Hubbard Field, record of business and personnel, 1931-48.
  • Substation salaries, 1920-70.
Carson City Weather Station 1881-1905
  • Meteorological reports of Charles Friend from the Carson City weather station, 1881-95.
  • Monthly record of observations, 1892-1904
  • USWB Forms 1001, 1002.
  • Daily journal, 1887-1906.
  • Designated forms and annual and tabulated, reports 1899-1905.
  • Climatological record monthly compilations, 1888-1905.
  • Means book monthly compilations, 1887-1905.
Other Weather Stations 1888-1972  
  • Elko weather station voluntary observers' meteorological records, 1888-1950.
  • Meteorological observations from closed stations, 1908-62.
  • USWB meteorological observations statewide weather stations, 1888-1972.
U.S. War Department, Signal Service 1887-1892  
Forms 113, 101 Monthly meteorological reports at the Carson City weather station,

Paper Files


81 cu. ft.

These records contain voluntary meteorological observations, 1877-1979, from all Nevada weather stations statewide, arranged alphabetically. Some stations in communities lasted only a few months and some cover many decades.

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