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The State Archives does not maintain records for all State agencies before they come the end of their lifecycle.  Therefore, records requiring long term preservation must be transferred to the Archives.  Records must be transferred to the State Archives according to their applicable State Records Retention Schedule, with a disposition of "Permanent: Transfer to State Archives". Records transferred to the State Archives are appraised for historical, fiscal, or administrative value and are either accessioned into the archives or disposed. Records accessioned into the State Archives transfer to the legal custody of the State Archives, except, as provided by law. (NRS 378.250,378.260378.320)

Transfer Hours: 
8:15-8:45 am or 3:15-4:30 pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.  
Agencies in the Reno-Carson City area will need to drop the records off at 
100 North Stewart Street in Carson City, Nevada. 
Agencies in rural or southern Nevada will need to make arrangements to have the records shipped to the State Archives.


The information necessary to fill out the form can be found in the Nevada State Records Retention Schedules.  For state agencies seeking to transfer records to the State Archives, please complete and submit the Archives Transfer Form.  Submit completed forms to Once the form has been processed, a staff member from the Nevada State Archives will contact the agency records officer to schedule the transfer. 

Image link to the Records Guidelines for Constitutional Officers pdf