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Boulder City Library: Boulder City Library

Boulder City Library
701 Adams Blvd.
Boulder City, NV 89005

Samantha Bigger
Information services librarian


Hello World!

Hi everyone! We're Boulder City Library's XR group. This isn't our first rodeo with VR; we were lucky to participate in a pilot program with AMD a year ago to introduce VR into the library. We've been using the documentation provided by the state group to tweak and create new programs to offer. Sadly, none of our staff could make it out to the training, but the past experience and all the documents are a great help. We are happy to share with anyone about our past experiences and what we're trying out!


We have two programs going on right now with another in the planning phases.

Our weekly program is "VR Lab." It is a continuation of the program we did with AMD a year ago. It's an open time after school that people can sign up for time slots to try VR. We're limiting to 15 minutes, but make the time slots 20 minutes to buffer for troubleshooting. Participants can pick from the apps/games we have installed to try.

The big monthly program is Virtual Vacation (VV). This one was thought up by our youth department. Each month, we're "traveling" to a different place to explore. The Vive is being used with Google maps to take people around the country viewing the landmarks and cities. To "extend" the learning experience book and informational pamphlets are put out for people to browse and there is a sampling of the local cuisine. For Italy, the participants made little pizzas. We hope in the future to get some local restaurants in on the programs. Our first VV we had 11 people, many older folks who were hesitant to try the VR. Most wanted to watch, but there were a few adventurous souls. There was also a giveaway of two 3D printed puzzles of Italy. Next month we travel to Germany. 

Our next goal is to outreach to our local schools. We're troubleshooting one of our old VR rigs to get it up and running so that we will have two to bring with us.