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2020 COVID-19 Library Responses : Library Recommendations & Ideas

Closure Checklist

Closure/Cancelation Checklist

Notify the Public

  • Provide details of changes on your website - include hours, if any, staff availability, if any, whether checkouts are extended and fees waived, etc
  • Post details of changes on your social media accounts
  • Provide a press release with details to your local media outlets

Phone Messages

  • What's the library's status? Are you closed? Hours changed?
  • Have you changed checkout times or late fees?
  • Can patrons still return books?
  • Is there no one to answer the phone at all, can they still reach someone, or is there a different number to call?


  • Do you need to suspend holds?
  • Are you extending checkouts?


  • Do you need to notify anyone that you cannot send or receive ILL requests?

Program Changes

  • If the library remains open, post fliers announcing canceled programs around the building
  • Remove or update event listings on your website to reflect cancelation
  • Check your social media channels for any scheduled posts promoting canceled programs
  • Post information on cancelations on social media channels


  • If the building is closed, do you need to suspend mail delivery?
  • Do you have outstanding orders for books or other items? Do they need to be cancelled?

Providing Resources Online

Providing Resources Online

Identify your existing digital resources - Don't forget resources provided through the State Library!

Identify free resources you want to feature

Consider scheduling out digital materials to feature on social media each day is an easy-to-use free graphic design tool that can be use to create graphics to use for promotion on your website and social media

Programming Ideas

Programming Ideas

Create an Online Reading Challenge

  • All Nevada Libraries have access to Beanstack through the Nevada State Library, which can be used to create challenges where users log reading time to win badges and even prizes. If your library does not have Beanstack set up yet, contact Sulin Jones.

Virtual Book Club

  • Host your book club by video conference! Zoom provides free personal accounts that can be used for up to 100 people for short meetings, or you can try using Google Meetngs or other available video conferencing applications.

Live Streaming

  • Storytimes and presentation-style programming can be live-streamed via Facebook live or other platforms, or recorded and posted.