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Archival Topics and Resources: Nevada Revised Statutes

State Statutes Relating to the State Archives

Shelves of reference books

 State Library, Archives and Public Records

NRS 378.005 - Definitions.
NRS 378.0083 - Bequests and gifts unaffected by creation of Division in Department.


NRS 378.010 - State Library, Archives and Public Records Administrator: Appointment; service at pleasure of Director; classification.
NRS 378.020 - State Library, Archives and Public Records Administrator: Qualifications.
NRS 378.050 - Biennial report.
NRS 378.060 - Employment of staff.
NRS 378.070 - Hours of State Library, Archives and Public Records.
NRS 378.080 - Powers and duties of State Library, Archives and Public Records Administrator: Operation of State Library, Archives and Public Records.
NRS 378.081 - Powers and duties of State Library, Archives and Public Records Administrator: Responsibility for statewide program of development and coordination of library and informational services.
NRS 378.083 - Powers and duties of State Library, Archives and Public Records Administrator: Development of standards and statewide master plan for public libraries.
NRS 378.087 - Powers and duties of State Library, Archives and Public Records Administrator: Establishment of program to provide grants to public libraries; amount of grants; regulations; limitations on use of grants.
NRS 378.090 - Gift Fund for the State Library, Archives and Public Records: Money to be deposited therein; nature of Fund; disposition of interest and income.
NRS 378.100 - Acceptance of federal money.
NRS 378.110 - Disposition of fines.
NRS 378.130 - Legislative appropriations.


NRS 378.230 - Declaration of legislative intent.
NRS 378.240 - Maintenance of premises for archival material; employees; receipt and availability of material.
NRS 378.245 - Custody and preservation of archival material; removal of material from archives.
NRS 378.250 - Archival material of historical value; disposition; expenditure of donated money.
NRS 378.255 - Management and retention of records; provision of microfilming and digital imaging services; inspection of confidential or privileged governmental records; recovery of records.
NRS 378.270 - Furnishing copies of archival material; fee.
NRS 378.280 - Maintenance of records of Executive Branch; management of records of Department of Transportation.
NRS 378.290 - Records of Governor’s Office: Transfer to Division before Governor leaves office; availability for public inspection.
NRS 378.300 - Period of confidentiality of confidential public records.
NRS 378.310 - Restriction of access to records of constitutional officer upon agreement.
NRS 378.320 - Destruction of records transferred to Division by agency of State.


NRS 378A.010 - Policy of this State; purpose of chapter.
NRS 378A.020 - “Board” defined.
NRS 378A.030 - Creation; membership; Secretary; recommendations to Legislature.
NRS 378A.040 - Qualifications, appointment and terms of members.


NRS 378A.050 - Meetings; salaries of members.
NRS 378A.060 - Duties.
NRS 378A.070 - Account for Historical Records: Creation; use; deposits; payment of claims.
NRS 378A.080 - Acceptance of gifts and grants of money.
NRS 378A.090 - Filing of documents with State Library, Archives and Public Records.
NRS 378A.100 - Maintenance of records.


NRS 239.001 - Legislative findings and declaration.
NRS 239.005 - Definitions.
NRS 239.008 - Designation of records official for certain state agencies; forms and procedures applicable to requests for public records.
NRS 239.010 - Public books and public records open to inspection; confidential information in public books and records; copyrighted books and records; copies to be prepared by governmental entity and provided in medium requested.
NRS 239.0103 - Privatization contracts open to inspection.
NRS 239.0105 - Confidentiality of certain records of local governmental entities.
NRS 239.0107 - Requests for inspection or copying of public books or records: Actions by governmental entities.
NRS 239.011 - Application to court for order allowing inspection or copying, or requiring that copy be provided, of public book or record in legal custody or control of governmental entity for less than 30 years.
NRS 239.0113 - Burden of proof where confidentiality of public book or record is at issue.
NRS 239.0115 - Application to court for order allowing inspection or copying of public book or record in legal custody or control of governmental entity for at least 30 years; rebuttable presumption; exceptions.
NRS 239.012 - Immunity for good faith disclosure or refusal to disclose information.
NRS 239.013 - Confidentiality of records of library which identify user with property used.
NRS 239.015 - Removal, transfer and storage of records authorized if necessary; copies to be provided upon request.
NRS 239.020 - Provision of certified copies of public records to federal Department of Veterans Affairs without charge.
NRS 239.030 - Furnishing of certified copies of public records.


NRS 239.051 - Requirements before destruction.
NRS 239.052 - Fees: Limitations; waiver; posting of sign or notice.
NRS 239.053 - Additional fee for transcript of administrative proceedings; money remitted to court reporter; posting of sign or notice.
NRS 239.054 - Additional fee for information from geographic information system.
NRS 239.055 - Additional fee when extraordinary use of personnel or resources is required; limitation.
NRS 239.070 - Use of microfilm or digital images by county recorder for recording; Division to provide microfilming, digital imaging or similar service; requirements; sale of duplicate; disposition of money.

Nevada State Seal in color


NRS 239.073 - Committee to Approve Schedules for the Retention and Disposition of Official State Records: Creation; composition; meetings; rules and regulations.
NRS 239.077 - Committee to Approve Schedules for the Retention and Disposition of Official State Records: Duties.
NRS 239.080 - State records: Schedules for retention and disposition.
NRS 239.083 - State records: Program of education and training on retention and disposition; letter of reprimand or other discipline for knowing and willful disposition of state record in manner contrary to schedule for retention and disposition.
NRS 239.085 - State records: Disposition by Department of Transportation.
NRS 239.090 - State records: Preservation of obsolete and noncurrent records by Division; right to control records.
NRS 239.110 - Judicial records: Destruction; reproductions.
NRS 239.121 - Local governmental records: Definitions.
NRS 239.123 - Local governmental records: Submission to Division; accounting; return or reclamation.
NRS 239.124 - Local governmental records: Exclusive procedures for destruction.
NRS 239.125 - Local governmental records: Program for management; regulations of State Library, Archives and Public Records Administrator.


NRS 239.130 - Rerecording of instrument if county records lost or destroyed.
NRS 239.140 - Certain deeds prima facie evidence of regularity of proceedings after destruction or loss of records.
NRS 239.150 - Restoration of liens, mortgages and judgments if records lost or destroyed; procedure; limitations.
NRS 239.160 - Proceeding to establish contents and record of lost or destroyed deed or will; parties defendant.
NRS 239.170 - Procedure to establish contents of lost or destroyed deed or will: Complaint; summons; hearing; decree.
NRS 239.180 - Character of evidence which court may admit.
NRS 239.190 - Proceedings brought in county where property is situated.
NRS 239.200 - Where proceedings are brought when county divided after destruction of records.
NRS 239.210 - Limitations affecting restored records.
NRS 239.220 - Restored records validated.
NRS 239.230 - Restoration of judicial records not affecting real property or water rights: Procedure.
NRS 239.240 - Restoration of judicial records not affecting real property or water rights: Contents of affidavit filed with court.
NRS 239.250 - Court to issue citation upon filing of affidavit.
NRS 239.260 - Service of citation on parties residing outside of county or State.
NRS 239.270 - Counter-affidavits; hearing; decree.
NRS 239.280 - Limitation of record of judgment which has been restored.
NRS 239.290 - Taxation of costs.


NRS 239.300 - Stealing, altering or defacing records, documents or instruments.
NRS 239.310 - Removing, injuring or concealing public records and documents.
NRS 239.320 - Injury to, concealment or falsification of records or papers by public officer.
NRS 239.330 - Offering false instrument for filing or record.

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