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Computers and Policies

Computer Rules

Government Computer Lab and Internet Use

The Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records (NSLAPR) is committed to public access to government online services and information. The "Right to Know" is the cornerstone of government accountability and informed public participation. The Government Computer Lab equipment was funded by the Nevada "One Click Away" project to provide Nevadans with enhanced access to online information and resources critical to their individual success and Nevada’s economic recovery.

Failure to comply with this Internet Use policy may result in forfeiture of the patron’s right to use the NSLAPR public computers and facilities


• NSLAPR’s Government Computer Lab is focused on providing computing and internet access to relevant, up-to-date government and research-based electronic resources and training for the public by state agencies in accessing those government and research resources.

• The Government Computer Lab provides a high-tech work environment and supports professional services available to state government teleworkers at the NSLAPR building during the library’s open hours.

• The Government Computer Lab supports members of the public completing job applications and filing unemployment claims, registering to vote, filing for motor vehicle registrations and licensing, researching information and other government and education related activities.

• Patrons are limited to two 1-hour sessions per day on the general computers. Patrons working on job applications or state agency projects are limited to two 2-hour sessions per day on the government access computers.

• Library staff can provide assistance in locating government information, but cannot complete or submit forms for patrons. NSLAPR and library staff are not responsible for approval of benefits and do not serve as agents of social service or government agencies.

• NSLAPR expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility of electronic transmission of documents, especially in relation to privacy practices and technical failures.

• Patrons may not use their own software programs on the library’s computers or alter the computer settings. Misuse of electronic resources and internet access will result in the loss of computer privileges for the patron.

• Email access is available only at the 15-minute Express Internet Terminals. NSLAPR does not provide email accounts.

• Food, drink and cell/smartphone use are not allowed in the Government Computer Lab.

Unacceptable Use of Computers

• Includes uses that are illegal or criminal, violate the law, or encourage others to violate the law; that cause harm to others or damage to their property; that jeopardize the security of access of the computer network or other networks on the Internet; that violate copyright laws and software licensing agreements; or any disruptive behavior that will disturb other library patrons or behavior destructive to NSLAPR property.

• NSLAPR computers are not to be used to access online chat rooms, instant messaging, games or other inappropriate uses. Staff may end a patron’s session if the computer is being used inappropriately. If a patron refuses to cooperate, becomes verbally abusive or violates NSLAPR’s Behavior Policy, appropriate action will be taken. The patron may be requested to leave the premises.

Wireless Access

• NSLAPR does not provide portable computing devices for library patrons.

• NSLAPR does not provide technical assistance with and will not change settings on personal computing devices.

• Use of the wireless connection is done at the individual’s own risk. By using this connection, patrons acknowledge that security errors and hacking are an inherent risk associated with any wireless service. Individuals expressly agree that they knowingly assume such a risk, and further agree to hold NSLAPR harmless from any claim or loss arising out of, or related to, any such instance of hacking or other unauthorized use of access into the patron’s portable computing device.

• Printing from wireless connections is available at 10 cents per page.

Revised: Nov. 2017