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Collection Development Funding: Collection Development Funding

Funding for Library Collections

The Nevada State Legislature has allocated funds for the public libraries in the State Collection Development Grant Program. The first allocation, $250,000 in the 1995 session, was intended for the rural areas only. These funds are distributed to public libraries in Nevada, based on their own local spending for collection development. Utilizing the formula based on these expenditures (NRS 378.087), the smaller libraries receive a greater proportionate amount than the libraries with the larger budgets.

State Collection Development Grant Reports

To learn how the state's public libraries utilize those funds, check out the following maps and for complete information, see their reports. 

State Allocations

  • 2017 session allocated $650,452
  • 2015 session allocated $270,452
  • 2013 session allocated $252,197
  • 2011 session allocated $252,631
  • 2009 session allocated $670,000
  • 2007 session allocated $1,200,000

Reports and Documents