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Archives COVID-19 Preservation Program: Landing Page

Banner The Nevada State Archives' COVID-19 Preservation Program with an image of the Mona Lisa

The Nevada State Archives is encouraging every state agency to participate in the COVID-19 Preservation Program. This program is a way to preserve records related to your agency’s response to COVID-19 by passing them on to the State Archives when they have reached the end of their lifecycle, so archivists can start reviewing and developing a State of Nevada COVID-19 collection.

In addition to official records, the Archives encourages agencies to send any information on community-building efforts within your agency.  Did staff mount a mask-making drive or support local social services? Did you share photos of any younger and four-legged “co-workers”?  We want to preserve not only the official work being done, but also the virtual community built while your agency navigated the pandemic. 

If you are unsure about what should be considered for preservation, please contact the Archives for more information.  

Image of a folder with a paper inside

What Records Do The Archives Want

Below you will see labeled tabs.  Within each tab is a list of records and their corresponding records disposition asset (RDA) number.  These are the records that the Archives have identified as potentially having historical value related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

RDA Number Record Series Title


Administrative: Calendars Constitutional Officers
2010034 Administrative: Correspondence Files – Official
2012047  Administrative: Executive Reports
2004171  Administrative: Public Information Officer (PIO) Records
2005105 Administrative: Surveys
2001065  Budget: Performance Indicator Files
2000044  Legal: Opinions and Letters of Advice
2005140  Open Meeting Law: Minutes of Public Bodies


RDA Number Record Series Title


Minutes Files


Emergency Response Commission - Hazardous Waste Repository Records


State Board of Pardons Commissioners - Pardons Files

2006122 State Board of Pardons Commissioners - Parole Board - Parole Orders


RDA Number Record Series Title


Agency Files
1998091 Correspondence Files
1998092  Executive Orders
1998097  Messages Files
1998098 News Releases
1998099 Photo Files
1998100 Presentations and Speeches Files
1998102 Subject Files
1998103 Washington Office Files


RDA Number Record Series Title


Budget Amendments
2006090 Economic Forum Files
2006091 Fiscal Year-End Reconciliation and Reversion Recommendations
2006093  Interim Finance Committee (IFC) Action and Information Items
2006094  Interim Finance Committee Packets


RDA Number Record Series Title


Committees and Committee Minute Files
1999067 Correspondence
1990070 Presentations and Speeches
1990071 Subject Files


RDA Number Record Series Title


Open Meeting Law Opinions
2017001 Request for Opinion – Legal Opinions


RDA Number Record Series Title


Annual Budget Summary
2002043  Permanent School Fund Quarterly Reports


RDA Number Record Series Title


Trademarks, Trade Names and Service Marks
2005033 Certificates of Elections
2005056 Certification of Candidates for General Election
2005030 Certified Lists of Candidates
2005057 Election Contests
2005052 Elections for US President and Vice President
2005058 Observers of Elections Procedures Plans
2005059 Security of Ballots Plans
2005051 Voter Registration County Statistics
2005052 Voting Systems – Certified
2007047 Legislative Records
2019002 Official Filings
2007063 Official Filings: Reports


RDA Number Record Series Title


Investment Ledgers


RDA Number Record Series Title


Annual Reports
1986189 Apportionment Work Papers
1986188  Enrollment and Attendance Report


RDA Number Record Series Title


Claim for Refund
2005148 Complaint Dockets
2005152  Petitions for Redetermination


RDA Number Record Series Title


Capital Improvement Projects – Agency Request


RDA Number Record Series Title



Highway Patrol Division - Fatal Accident Statistics File 



Investigation Division - Report of Interception of Wire and Oral Communications



Records, Communications & Compliance Division - Annual Statistical Report of Crime in Nevada



Annual Statistical Report on Domestic Violence in Nevada



RDA Number Record Series Title


Safety Program Files


RDA Number Record Series Title


Program Year Rapid Response Files


RDA Number Record Series Title

Aging & Disability Services: Disability Programs


Death Reviews
2006269 Patient Safety Records
Director’s Office, Consumer Health Assistance Program


Quarterly Reports

Healthcare Finance and Policy (DHCFP)


Medicaid Reports: Statistical
2012011 Program Manuals and Plans
Health Statistics, Planning, Epidemiology and Response


Communicable Diseases Quarterly Reports
Public Health & Clinical Services


Statistics/ASTHO Report
Child & Family Community Wellness


Immunization Program Quarterly Reports
Mental Health, Commission on Behavioral Health
2006273 Death Reports 
Welfare and Supportive Services (WSS), Administrative Services


Budget and Statistics Computer Reports
WSS, Eligibility and Payments


Computer Reports for Eligibility and Payments: Statistical
2006161 Food Stamps Computer Reports: Statistical
2006192 MAABD Program Reports: Statistical
2006194 TANF Program Reports: Statistical

WSS Energy Assistance Program (EAP)


Computer Reports for Energy Assistance Program: Statistics
2003205 EAP Files
WSS Program and Field Operations


Computer Reports for Benefits & Support Services: Statistical
Department of Motor Vehicles – Motor Carrier


Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Collection and Distribution


RDA Number Record Series Title


Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Collection and Distribution


RDA Number Record Series Title

Administrative Division


Combined Sales and Use Tax
1993126 Statistical Studies
Local Government Finance


Local Government Finance Emergency Files


RDA Number Record Series Title

Nevada Indian Commission


Projects/Requests for Assistance Files


Photo File (Nevada Magazine)


RDA Number Record Series Title


Disease Index


Image of a folder with a paper inside

Getting Started


In order to start the transfer process, digital files must to in the following file formats in order to help facilitate digital preservation and ensure the authenticity of the record.

  • Text Document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) = PDF or PDF/A (Note:  It is the Archives' preference that agencies redact their records of Personal Identifying Information [PII] before sending the records for preservation)
  • Written Communication (Emails) = PDF or PDF/A (Note:  Further guidance on other forms of written communication will be coming soon)
  • Images = JPG 
  • Audio Communication (Public Meeting Recordings, Staff Meeting Recordings, etc.) = WAV
  • Video Communication (Public Meeting Recordings, Press Conferences, Virtual Meeting Recordings, etc.) = AVI or MPEG-4 

The Archives is also asking for links to any website or social media created by your agency related to COVID-19 

For more information on the electronic records preservation and preferred file formats, go to the Archives Electronic Records page.

Image of a folder with a paper inside

Filing Plan




Most agencies utilize a network drive or a database to store their electronic records.  The Archives recommends the following to help ensure COVID related records are identified for transfer:

Example of folder text related to COVID-19

  1. In A Database:  If the system allows, flag or tag the record to be sent to the Archives.  A tag to consider could be "COVID-19 Related-Transfer to Archives When Done"  
  2.  In A Database:  If the database does not allow you to flag or tag records, please include information about the COVID-19 Preservation Program in your agencies policies and procedures.  This should also be considered in any succession planning your agency might conduct.  
  3. In a Networked Storage Drive:  Label the file folder/document with the agency applicable information and add information that identifies the records for transfer to the Archives.  For example, "COVID-19 Related-Transfer to Archives When Done"  



Image of a folder with a paper inside

Submit to the Archives

Now that you have your records in the preferred format and you have compiled all the records identified for transfer, it is time to submit to the Archives.

Once you have submitted your email request to the Archives, you will receive a follow up email within 1-3 business days with a OneDrive link to start the transfer process. The email will also include further instructions as necessary to make the upload and transfer process and efficient as possible.

Image of a folder with a paper inside

More Information

For more information regarding archival preservation efforts related to COVID-19 check out the Council of State Archivists (CoSA) or the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) The Archives will be linking to specific announcements, articles, etc. regarding preservation as they become available.

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