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Nevada Talking Book Services

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Local Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)


Search for books available in our library by title, author or local subjects; add titles to your request list; apply your patron profile to search results. Basic instructions are available on each page of the catalog. Contact us for your user ID and password.

Nevada Recording Program

The Recording Program records audio books and magazines about Nevada and by Nevadans. See our Collection Development for more detailed information.

New titles and titles recorded in our recording studio are available on the "Browse" page.

National Library Service Catalog

Search for titles available through the NLS program and from regional recording programs. Detailed instructions for foreign language title searching are available here.


Text Only Version

NLS Kids Zone Catalog

Audio, braille, and print/braille books for preschool through grade 8.

National Library Service Foreign Language Materials

NLS provides foreign language audio magazines in Spanish, French, and German, as indicated below. These magazines are available through NLS network libraries and issues may be downloaded directly from BARD by registered patrons. 

(Note: you must be registered and logged into BARD to access the above links; if you are not logged in, you will be prompted to log into the system before accessing recent issues.)

People en Español (Spanish)

France-Amerique: Le Journal Francais des Etats Unis (French)

Das Beste aus Readers Digest (German)


Utah State Library

On-Line Catalog

Use this catalog to search for titles in braille.

If you are registered with Nevada Talking Book Services and would like to receive braille materials, please contact us regarding access. If you have already established access through us, you can login to Utah's catalog to request titles. Contact the Utah State Library for your login information.

Bibliographies in Braille and Audio

Published Bibliographies

The listings on specified topics are produced in alternative formats of large print, braille and audio. The links will take you to a Web page for Gentle Romances (2015), Mysteries for Younger Readers (2012), and Westerns (2011). PDFs, if available, are provided for print purposes only.

Religious Materials

The NLS has recorded numerous Bibles and other sacred writings for our patrons' reading pleasure. NTBS has loanable copies of the Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, in English and Spanish. This item can be loaned for up to 90 days just as other books in our collection are loaned. If you would like a permanent personal copy of this title, please review this handout.

For a detailed list of other religious writings, book numbers of those available through this program, and outside resources for obtaining them, please review this document.

Mini bibliographies

Mini bibliographies are provided by National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped Network Services Section to staff at cooperating libraries to aid them in finding books for local library patrons. Some book numbers listed in mini bibliographies are for books recorded or brailled by a cooperating library. Since these local productions are not made with national distribution in mind, patrons of other libraries must work with their own library to borrow a copy.

The materials listed in these mini bibliographies are intended exclusively for individuals meeting eligibility requirements for service through the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped’s network of libraries.

Veterans' Benefits

Queen Elizabeth II: Her Life and Reign

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Folklore and Fairy Tales

The White House



Popular Science


History of Impeachment

Folklore and Stories from Native American Culture

Disability Awareness for Children Pre-K through Sixth Grade

Rosa Parks (1913-2005)

Agatha Award Winning Novels

Armchair Travel

Available Formats


The Nevada Talking Book Services (NTBS) collection covers pleasure reading materials for adult, young adult and juvenile readers, similar to that of any public library. It includes bestsellers, mysteries, westerns, science fiction, romances and biographies.

Foreign language and some reference books are also available.

Readers may request specific titles and authors, or they may ask the NTBS staff to select books for them based on their reading interests.

Readers can also receive popular magazines in audio and Braille formats or download them from the BARD website.


NTBS contracts with the Utah State Library to provide Braille books to eligible Nevadans. These books are loaned through postage-free mail directly to the reader. Contact us to receive this service.



Digital Players

When you open your talking-book player box, you will find a series of instruction sheets, the player and packing materials.

The instruction sheets, in large print, comprise a list of important safety instructions and a Quick Start guide embossed in Braille. All instruction sheets should be saved for reference.

Store the box where you can find it so that it can be used to return the player for servicing.

To return the player, mail it to the address shown on the other side of the address card.

There are two players: Standard and Advanced. Most patrons will use the eight-button Standard Player.

The Advanced Player adds five buttons: Menu (how to navigate the book), Prev (move backward), Next (jump forward), Info (hear current reading position and other information), and Mark (set bookmarks).

Equipment User's Guide

Every patron is provided with a digital player if one is desired.

  • Please keep the box in which your machine arrived because you may need to return your machine at some point.
  • Audio books from this service will only play on the equipment provided and some third party players.

Requesting a Replacement Machine

If your machine malfunctions, it is important that you call our library at 775-684-3354 or 1-800-922-9334. If a Reader Advisor is unable to correct the problem over the phone, you will need to return the machine to us, and we will send a replacement.

Using the original box, just place the machine in that box, turn the mailing label over so the notched edge is in the upper right hand corner.

  • Please take it to the post office for postage free handling; do not return it to us through your mail carrier.
  • Call us if you are experiencing any difficulties with your machines or a replacement is necessary.
  • Please do not attempt to repair the machine.