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Extended Reality: About Extended Reality (XR)

Nevada XR Libraries - An ETEAP Project


The emerging technology early adopter program (ETEAP) is a multifaceted and integrated library and information services partnership, made possible by the 2017 Nevada State Legislature. Through renewed connection between California and Nevada librarians, California’s largest nonprofit library membership consortium (The Califa Group with more than 220 California libraries) has generously invited Nevada’s ETEAP cohort to deploy XR Libraries .

XR Libraries provides patrons at-large and community education partners one stop access to virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality equipment and support. Provided by Lifeliqe, the collection is specially customized to support STEM learning.

In collaboration with area schools, after school providers, workforce training partners and more library staff facilitates programming through leveraging onsite technology space and programs. Curiosity sessions, science story times, science discussion clubs, contests, peer tutoring and more make up activities. Educational synergies and curriculum enhancement from the technology alone focuses attention on the wonder of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.  This is amplified with focused learning partnerships through lesson planning and educational programs.



Delivering as promised

The Nevada State Council on Libraries and Literacy (SCLL) is leading the way for Nevada's libraries to adopt vital 21st century technology. At the end of the annual 2017 Nevada Library Conference (NLA) conference, it was announced that Nevada libraries would have a robust continuing education opportunity to learn about virtual reality (VR) and deploy it in their facilities in early 2018! These libraries are part of a select group of emerging technology early adopters in the country. Partial resources for this VR initiative are provided by the Nevada State Legislature with funds from SB-549.

At a glance...

  • Who? XR is for everyone! All are invited to stop into one of the 15 participating libraries to experience it for yourself. Check our timeline for more information.
  • What? The Nevada State Library, Califa group, XRLibraries and Lifeliqe have teamed up to bring immersive XR experiences and programming to libraries around Nevada.
  • When? Now.
  • Where? Currently, there are 15 libraries who have received XR equipment--but this is just the beginning! We hope to eventually have XR in every Nevada library. 
  • Why? Libraries have always been on the cutting-edge of technological deployment. Now, more than ever, success in school and work is dependent on technological literacy and hands-on experience. Our XR program is designed to better acquaint Nevadans with this new technology and broaden their horizons of what is possible in the 21st century!

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