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Five Year Plan: 5 Year Plan


LSTA 5 Year Plan

The Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records (NSLAPR) has created a Five-Year LSTA State Plan that identifies goals, objectives and programs that are consistent with both its mission, the collective needs of the Nevada library community, and the purposes of the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) federal program. The plan has been prepared in accordance with Public Law 20 U.S.C. 9121, the Library Services and Technology Act of 1996 (as re-authorized in 2003 and 2010). Its purpose is to comply with Section 224 (b) and to show how funds under the Act will contribute to meeting library needs in Nevada.

The overall goal of the State Library LSTA program is to:

  • Ensure all Nevadans have access to library resources and services that meet their informational, educational, cultural, and recreational needs, and
  • Help Nevada libraries solidify their roles as community educational centers, through planning, assessment, training, partnerships, institutional capacity and identifying user access needs.

Mission Statement

NSLAPR is the principal information asset of state government. We are committed to:

  • Supporting the needs of the Nevada library community;
  • Preserving published Nevada history and historical records;
  • Ensuring equitable access to information for Nevadans of all abilities;
  • Connecting Nevada residents and State agencies with information.

    Download the full 5 Year Plan report here.