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About the XRCatalog Hack-a-thon 


Who? Led by the Nevada State Library and Califa, the Hack-a-thon is open all interested catalogers and library staff!

What? The XR Hack-a-thon will join catalogers and staff at two locations to learn-by-doing in a day-long event in which the group will collectively attempt to catalog 1,000+ XR records in one day! You can join virtually, too. Learn more about the process here or check out the Hack documents here

When? May 20, 2019 @ 2 PM and June 13, 2019 @ 9 AM - 7 PM.

  • May 20, 2019: Watch the Webinar which outline how interested catalogers can volunteer.
  • June 13, 2019: XRCatalog Hack-a-thon is on!


  • Nevada State Library in Carson City, NV.
  • Marin County Free Library (South Novato Library), XRMarin Classroom in Novato, CA.
  • Join us remotely!

Why? Combined we will start a movement to get this very important content into WorldCat.


  • First, watch the May 20 the webinar. You will learn: 
    • How the hack-a-thon will be organized,
    • What collections we will be cataloging,
    • Where interested librarians can access the collection,
    • Why this is important, and
    • Step-by-step how the group will turn this effort into fun that will help teach others!
  • Second, sign up for the Hack-a-thon here!
  • Third, attend the Hack-a-thon, either in-person at one of the locations listed above ('Where?') or virtually!

What is XR, you ask? XR stands for 'extended reality', which is an umbrella term for virtual (VR), augmented (AR) and mixed reality (MR). Basically, it's all 3D information / content.


How the Hack-a-thon Will Work

  • Through the May 20 webinar and sign up system, we will coordinate several groups of volunteers to work from the two physical locations, plus from where ever those are who will be joining us remotely.Locations:
    • NSLA @ Carson City, Nevada
    • Marin County Library, XR Marin Classroom @ South Novato Library, Novato, California
    • Volunteers from their remote locations
    • Each group will have an assigned coordinator who reports back to Kelly Robertson
  • Experienced catalogers who attend the webinar will have opportunity to volunteer to do quality control work. In other words, this is just not for beginners, we want catalogers at all levels.

Cataloging Procedure

  • On or before June 10, volunteers will:
    • Receive access to the XR Tracker of the content library we are cataloging (Lifeliqe), via Google Sheets. Each volunteer cataloger will be assigned from this tracker, so volunteers will know exactly what they are cataloging.
    • Receive the content access key to (a login and password)
    • Be provided with two templates (one for Lifeliqe lesson plans and one for Lifeliqe XR experiences).
  • Order of Operations:
    • AR (augmented reality) items will be cataloged first (see webinar).
    • Lesson plans will be cataloged second (see webinar).
      1. Lesson plan records and AR (augmented reality) records will be cross linked after these two steps (see webinar).
    • Quality control (see webinar).
    • Experienced catalogers will sample the records to verify accuracy, spot check typos, correct subject analysis and accurate classification.
    • Location leaders (Tammy and Sara) are responsible for lunch. Milestones will be celebrated with goodie bags. Oh, and did we mention there will be t-shirts and we will be broadcasting on social media throughout the day!

Hack-a-thon Leader Bios

Kelly Robertson is the government publications and cataloging librarian for the Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records (NSLAPR). In January of this year Robertson uploaded the first-in-the world 3D information experiences created for virtual reality by Lifeliqe, a Silicon Valley based virtual, augmented and mixed reality publisher. Her work cataloging XR content was recently featured in
Library Journal.

Kathy Rush is the Library Services Manager at NSLAPR. She provides direction for all department activities. Kathy’s leadership and vision for the Nevada State Library services includes developing and implementing creative approaches to the work of the library.

Sara Jones is the Director of Marin County Free Library and President of Califa, a  library consortia of over 220 libraries. Jones won the 2018 Peggy Sullivan Award for Public Library Administrators Supporting Services to Children from the American Library Association (ALA). The Marin County Free Library system was the first in the nation to integrate XR in public libraries. Jones was Nevada's State Librarian from 2000 to 2006.

John MacLeod is the Director of XRLibraries. With over 30 years of technology experience he has the technical expertise to produce compelling media and the personal skills for working in a collaborative team. Integrating XR technology into schools and libraries is a major focus of his work at XRLibraries.

Mark Andersen is Co-Founder and President of Lifeliqe, a groundbreaking visual learning tool in education. Common Sense Media recently announced Lifeliqe as one of the best education apps of last year. HTC Vive selected Lifeliqe as their Strategic Partner in Education and Lifeliqe is the most downloaded education app on HTC Vive's Viveport.

Tod Colegrove is the Administrator of NSLAPR, Nevada’s State Librarian, and Emeritus Professor at the University of Nevada, Reno. He has over 14 years’ experience as senior management in high-tech industry and ten years of increasingly responsible management in libraries.Under his aegis, the DeLaMare Library was named one of the "most interesting makerspaces in America" in 2014 and awarded the most innovative space award by the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada in 2015. 

Tammy Westergard is Nevada’s Deputy State Librarian. She is focused on the library as an “onramp” for working-age citizens to reframe or gain marketable skills, recently focusing on the power of 3D learning to help patrons "see" themselves in 21st century STEAM jobs. This is one of the reasons Westergard is passionate about cataloging XR content. In 2016, Tammy was named an Agent of Change Mover and Shaker.

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