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Emerging Technology Early Adopter Program: ETEAP Project Overview: Step 1

Project Overview: Step 1


A. Project overview

Thank you for considering joining a select cohort of the Nevada State Library’s Emerging Technology Early Adopter Program (ETEAP).

ETEAP is designed to help librarians develop basic skills and knowledge to create virtual reality programs in the library. We are seeking willing librarians to advance curiosity about, and interest in, virtual, augmented and mixed reality as a learning platform. This cohort will understand the vital role of virtual reality and immersive education to the continued relevance of libraries in an increasingly digital world, and inform and inspire other librarians to use best practices, know their responsibilities/limitations, and to make the learning opportunity prudently available within targeted settings.

Through instruction from subject matter experts (XR Libraries) and benefiting from best practices from early adopter national peers, your...

  • e-Learning specialist,

  • instructional designer,

  • youth and adult program librarians

  • or technology enthusiast

... will get their own gear, have the opportunity to practice with this technology and get guidance about launching and managing your library’s virtual reality learning programs.

The selected cohort will be announced on Apr. 13. The pilot program begins on Jun. 1 and ends on Nov. 31, 2018.

B. Think about forging partnerships

This continuing education/professional development opportunity is designed to help you learn how to integrate content-specific, virtual reality programs into your library with specific learning outcomes in mind. You’ll learn to teach patrons how to more effectively use this emerging technology to support their own learning. The key take-aways will be how to use virtual reality as an instructional tool and how to help patrons remain self-guided in their own learning.

Participants will also learn about working with key partners to deliver content-specific virtual reality as an enrichment to their instructional goals. In this way the library facilitates meaningful learning links between informal and formal environments, during out-of-school time or off the clock. We will provide suggestions and tips to work with teachers, professors, instructors, workforce training partners and even employers themselves.

C. Consider this...

Participating libraries will have space, technology, curriculum, and deadline requirements! Your library must be willing to develop a strategy for VR deployment, promotion, pursuing partnerships, and learning to use new technology as best fits your patron needs. Early adoption also means being able to troubleshoot as you go, but it also means getting your hands on all this cool stuff!

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