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Emerging Technology Early Adopter Program: ETEAP Project Overview: Step 2

Project Overview: Step 2


A. Understand what's expected

The goal is to select libraries representing a range of types (public, school, academic and special) and geographies who can demonstrate need and have well-conceived plans for incorporating virtual reality into their library programs that show a strong connection to learning. The selected libraries must demonstrate that they are integral to their associated education system(s).

B. Formulate a plan

Goals (local, statewide, other) should include:

  • Primary audience/targeted group – include a statement of need for primary audience/targeted group (if more than one define each separately)

  • Project Purpose: short statement that answers the questions: by integrating virtual reality experiences into our programming we will do what, for whom for what expected learning benefit.

  • Anticipated instruction outputs/programs (the kind of program: is it formal interaction? user engagement? presentation? drop – in? a referral? informal? all of the above, some of the above?

  • Required survey questions of program participants must be ask, tracked and reported (these will be provided during the on boarding period)

  • Regarding each instruction output/program the following data must be tracked:

    • Length of each session

    • Number of sessions in program

    • Average attendance of combined sessions

    • Number of times program administered

    • Presentation/program length

  • Ability to provide a VR area that is at least 7 x 5 feet (preferable, but not strictly necessary, as head gear can be provided that can be set up in a computer area for a seated or standing experience

  • Bandwidth (robust bandwidth is preferable but not strictly necessary)

NOTE: Your library does not have to be CIPA compliant to apply for this opportunity, though we ask for this information.

C. Relate your plan to LSTA

This project relates to Nevada’s current LSTA 5-year Plan as follows:

Goal IV: Build capacity of libraries to meet evolving information access needs. To position Nevada libraries as one-stop information and education portals through development of training opportunities that address instruction of differing and evolving literacies. This provides learning opportunities and continuing education classes to the Nevada Library workforce in core areas and emerging trends.

For the Nevada ETEAP program, all applications must confirm:  

  • What one or more local goals you are meeting (defined in your local planning documents)

  • What one or more goals are you meeting from other planning documents (Nevada LSTA, OWINN, Governor’s Plan, City plans, County plans, Foundation plans, etc…)

D. What we provide

  • A fully loaded VR system, complete with a VR-enabled computer/software/educational media catalog, and Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE head gear, completely configured, delivered and installed in your library.

  • Four (4) training webinars and ongoing support for the VR system, through a web portal (see dates below).

  • Free or steeply discounted access to new VR titles as they are released.

E. Your requirements

  • Ability to commit to the program cohort timeline (see below)

  • To collect and submit statistics

  • At least one designated staff member to act as program manager

  • Commitment to deploying VR in your library environment with vigor, as per your well-conceived plan.

  • Ability to provide a play area that is at least 7 x 5 feet (preferable, but not strictly necessary, as head gear can be provided that can be set up in a computer area for a seated or standing experience.

  • Bandwidth (robust bandwidth is preferable but not strictly necessary)

  • Engagement with communication activities led from the State Library, and willingness to help tell the story!

F. Selected cohort dates

ETEAP Timeline (REVISED May 8, 2018)


  • July 6: Continuing education and virtual reality webinar #1

    • VR basics

  • July 13: Continuing education and virtual reality webinar #2

    • < >

      July 20: Continuing education and virtual reality webinar #3

      • Measuring metrics

    • July 27: Continuing education and virtual reality webinar #4

      • Deploying your program
        Late July - September

    • July 30 – September 30: Soft launch

      • Begin deploying the program in your library

      • Connect with local teachers/schools to establish a program timeline

        • Align program with provided metrics

          October – Mid-November

    • Oct. 1 – Nov. 18: Pilot program begins


    • Nov. 30: Program concludes

      • Metrics due


    • Dec. 31: Results of pilot program announced 


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