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Computers and Policies: Home

The State Library has several policies in place designed in effort to provide a safe, pleasant and equitable learning environment for our patrons and staff.

Patron Behavior

Nevada State Library and Archives Patrons’ Responsibilities

Patrons are expected to observe the rights of other patrons and staff members and to use the library and archives for their intended purposes.  The following will not be allowed in the division:

  • Any behavior that endangers the safety or health of others
  • Harassment of patrons or staff
  • Violation while in the NSLAPR of any local, state, or federal law
  • Vandalism, theft, or deliberate destruction of archival or library materials or property including the Government Computing Lab equipment
  • Deliberate disruption of library procedures or violation of State of Nevada policies and laws
  • Use of abusive language
  • Behavior or decorum that disturbs or could disturb other patrons
  • Smoking, eating, or drinking
  • Any action, activity, or condition that obviously causes a public health threat

Any patron who is behaving in an inappropriate manner will be asked to leave NSLAPR.

A patron who repeatedly violates these rules may be permanently prohibited from entering the NSLAPR and will be subject to the suspension of library privileges by authority of library management.

State Archives

Staff or patrons who feel threatened or intimidated should request assistance from the State Archives manager. The State Archivist may be contacted if the situation escalates further.

State Library

Staff or patrons who feel threatened or intimidated should request assistance from the floor supervisor (Head of Access Services or Head of Technical Services). The Division Administrator will be contacted if warranted.

The Capitol Police will be summoned in cases in which a patron poses a danger to self or others, harasses staff or other patrons, vandalizes state property, deliberately violates the law, or refuses to leave NSLAPR after being asked to do so.

Problem Patron Behavior

The Nevada State Library, Archives & Public Records (NSLAPR) is dedicated to providing access to knowledge and information through reading and writing, providing patrons the right to use the library and archival materials and services – both electronic and in print –without being disturbed or impeded, and providing patrons and employees a secure and comfortable environment.  So that all persons may enjoy the benefits of the NSLAPR, individuals visiting or using the public service areas must comply with the following Policies and Guidelines.

Revised: Nov. 2017

Government Computer Lab and Internet Use

The Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records (NSLAPR) is committed to public access to government online services and information. The "Right to Know" is the cornerstone of government accountability and informed public participation. The Government Computer Lab equipment was funded by the Nevada "One Click Away" project to provide Nevadans with enhanced access to online information and resources critical to their individual success and Nevada’s economic recovery.

Failure to comply with this Internet Use policy may result in forfeiture of the patron’s right to use the NSLAPR public computers and facilities


• NSLAPR’s Government Computer Lab is focused on providing computing and internet access to relevant, up-to-date government and research-based electronic resources and training for the public by state agencies in accessing those government and research resources.

• The Government Computer Lab provides a high-tech work environment and supports professional services available to state government teleworkers at the NSLAPR building during the library’s open hours.

• The Government Computer Lab supports members of the public completing job applications and filing unemployment claims, registering to vote, filing for motor vehicle registrations and licensing, researching information and other government and education related activities.

• Patrons are limited to two 1-hour sessions per day on the general computers. Patrons working on job applications or state agency projects are limited to two 2-hour sessions per day on the government access computers.

• Library staff can provide assistance in locating government information, but cannot complete or submit forms for patrons. NSLAPR and library staff are not responsible for approval of benefits and do not serve as agents of social service or government agencies.

• NSLAPR expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility of electronic transmission of documents, especially in relation to privacy practices and technical failures.

• Patrons may not use their own software programs on the library’s computers or alter the computer settings. Misuse of electronic resources and internet access will result in the loss of computer privileges for the patron.

• Email access is available only at the 15-minute Express Internet Terminals. NSLAPR does not provide email accounts.

• Food, drink and cell/smartphone use are not allowed in the Government Computer Lab.

Unacceptable Use of Computers

• Includes uses that are illegal or criminal, violate the law, or encourage others to violate the law; that cause harm to others or damage to their property; that jeopardize the security of access of the computer network or other networks on the Internet; that violate copyright laws and software licensing agreements; or any disruptive behavior that will disturb other library patrons or behavior destructive to NSLAPR property.

• NSLAPR computers are not to be used to access online chat rooms, instant messaging, games or other inappropriate uses. Staff may end a patron’s session if the computer is being used inappropriately. If a patron refuses to cooperate, becomes verbally abusive or violates NSLAPR’s Behavior Policy, appropriate action will be taken. The patron may be requested to leave the premises.

Wireless Access

• NSLAPR does not provide portable computing devices for library patrons.

• NSLAPR does not provide technical assistance with and will not change settings on personal computing devices.

• Use of the wireless connection is done at the individual’s own risk. By using this connection, patrons acknowledge that security errors and hacking are an inherent risk associated with any wireless service. Individuals expressly agree that they knowingly assume such a risk, and further agree to hold NSLAPR harmless from any claim or loss arising out of, or related to, any such instance of hacking or other unauthorized use of access into the patron’s portable computing device.

• Printing from wireless connections is available at 10 cents per page.

Revised: Nov. 2017

Borrowing and Lending

The Nevada State Library, Archives, and Public Records (NSLAPR) offers a Interlibrary Loan program to local, state and federal agencies and their employees, for borrowing library materials which are not available at their local libraries. NSLAPR also offers to order up to five ILL items for a Nevada Library per month and have it shipped directly to that library. A valid Nevada Library card is required to request items.

Materials are loaned as a courtesy by another library. Please handle with special care and observe the rules for its use. Your cooperation is important to our continued participation in loan arrangements with other libraries. Your cooperation is important to our continued participation in loan arrangements with other libraries.


Requests for local, state and federal agencies and their employees must be submitted on the appropriate forms. Electronic forms have been created for convenience at

Patrons will need a valid Nevada Library card to request materials.

Turnaround Time

Plan ahead when requesting materials. Materials ordered through Interlibrary Loan arrive on average within 10-14
days, but may take longer depending on the speed of the lending library and the U.S. mail.

Please take this into consideration when requesting material to ensure you will receive the material when needed.

Loan Period

The length of the loan period is determined by the lending institution and not by the Nevada State Library, Archives, and Public Records.

Due dates must be honored and failure to return items on time may result in denial of future interlibrary loan borrowing privileges.


A renewal may be requested, unless the material is marked “No Renewal.” To renew, contact Interlibrary Loan services at or call 775-684-3307, at least one week before the due date.

Renewal requests received on or after the due date may not be approved. If the renewal request is denied by the lending library, you will be asked to return the material immediately.

Fees and Charges

There are usually no fees for borrowing material through Interlibrary Loan unless the lending library charges a fee. In those cases, the cost will be charged to the patron after the patron has agreed to the charges.


All materials borrowed through ILL must be returned to the Nevada State Library, Archives, and Public Records. Two book drops are available for drop-off: one on Musser Street and one in the lobby of the State Library, Archives, and Public Records Building. Items can also be returned to the Circulation Desk inside NSLAPR.

Patrons are responsible for items issued checked-in at the Nevada will be billed at the replacement cost set by the lending library. Two incidents of lost material will result in the loss of ILL service for a period of one year.

ILL Affiliations

NSLAPR is a member of the Cooperative Libraries Automated Network (CLAN) statewide system and participates fully in the ILL functions within the State of Nevada. As a holder of a Nevada library card, you may also request materials through the Cooperative Libraries Automated Network (CLAN) catalog, from any of the CLAN member libraries.

Requested materials may be picked up at the Nevada State Library, Archives, and Public Records, or your local branch library. Materials not available through the CLAN catalog may be requested through the Interlibrary Loan System, if you are an employee of the local State or Federal governments. If you are not an employee of said governments, please visit your local public library to request materials.

ILL Institutions

The Nevada State Library lends to any requesting institution submitting its request on appropriate interlibrary loan forms or through the OCLC-ILL subsystem. Priority is given to requests from Nevada libraries and LVIS network libraries.

As a member of the Information Nevada interlibrary loan system, the Nevada State Library, Archives, and Public Records submits OCLC requests for Nevada public libraries. This service is limited to 5 requests per public library district, per month.

Each library district is responsible for establishing its own borrowing policy, while adhering to this limitation.

Non-circulating Items

Media, reserve, microform and reference materials are designated as non-circulating and will not be loaned through interlibrary loan. This includes: Newspapers in paper, copy one of Newspaper Microform, Periodicals/Journals, copy one of State Publications, Nevada Reference, Barton Reading and Spelling System/Literacy Kits.

Materials located in the Archives and Special Collections cannot be loaned but may be photocopied at the discretion of NSLAPR staff responsible for those collections. New books will loaned at the discretion of NSLAPR. Test books and study guides are loaned to Nevada libraries only and are not available for interlibrary loan to out of state libraries.

Photocopies of articles are provided in lieu of loaning journal volumes and/or issues. A maximum of 30 pages or no more than 4 articles, whichever may be less, may be requested in a calendar year.

Nevada newspaper microfilm lending is limited to the collection on hand of duplicate copies.

Loan Periods

Monographs are lent through Interlibrary Loan for six weeks use. Two week renewals of monographs are allowed if they have not been requested by a Nevada State Library, Archives, and Public Records patron.

Overdue Materials

Overdue notices are sent on items that are not returned. Borrowing libraries will be billed for replacement cost of material that is two months overdue.


Borrowing privileges may be revoked if an institution consistently damages or fails to replace lost Nevada State Library, Archives, and Public Records material or if restrictions placed on borrowed items are ignored.


The copyright law of the United States (United States Code: Title 17) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Some material may not be available due to copyright restrictions. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction.

One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use," that user may be liable for copyright infringement.

The Nevada State Library, Archives, and Public Records reserves the rights to refuse to accept a copying order if in its fulfillment of the order would involve violation of copyright law.

Revised: Dec. 2017

Photocopying and Printing

Office Public Records Requests:  Pursuant to NRS Chapter 239, transparency to the public is a priority of the Department of Administration.  The policy for records requests is available, along with the corresponding fee schedule, on the Department of Administration website,

State Library: The Nevada State Library provides a photocopy machine, microform reader/printers and a computer printer for government employees and general public use.  All equipment is located on the Main floor of the Library.  Copies are $.10 per page (B&W) or $.25 per page (COLOR) with the following exceptions:

Government Employees:

  • State agency personnel and Federal and local government employees may use this equipment to print materials for their agencies at no cost for the first twenty (20) pages.

  • More than twenty (20) copies will be charged at $.10 per page. There is no charge if the agency supplies its own paper.

  • Credit and debit cards are not accepted. Checks or money orders are to be made payable to the Nevada State Library.


  • Patrons may copy ten (10) pages of the NRS or NAC free of charge.

  • Mail, email, or fax requests will be invoiced at $.10 per page (B&W) or $.25 per page (COLOR) and payment must be received prior to starting any copy work.

  • Credit and debit cards are not accepted.Checks or money orders are to be made payable to the “Nevada State Library.”

State Archives: Only Nevada State Archives staff will produce photocopies requested by state agency personnel or the general public. 

Government Employees:

  • State agency personnel may request copies from archival resources.These may include paper documents, images from microfilm/microfiche or print outs from electronic records. There is no charge for three hundred (300) pages or less.

  • More than three hundred (300) pages will be charged at $.10 per page (B&W only). There is no charge if the agency supplies its own paper.

General Public:

  • All photocopies, scans, or reader-printer copies made for the public are $.10 per page (B&W only) after the first thirty (30) free pages.

  • Mail, e-mail, or fax requests will be invoiced and payment must be received prior to starting any copy work.

  • Credit and debit cards are not accepted. Checks or money orders are to be made payable to Nevada State Archives”.

Imaging and Preservation Services: Reproductions of maps, microfilm/fiche and CDs.

Imaging and Preservation Services will make reproductions of NSLAPR maps, microfilm/fiche and CDs for patrons.

  • Requests/orders must be routed through the State Archives Manager who will determine the fee and create an invoice.

  • Credit and debit cards are not accepted.Checks or money orders are to be made payable to the “Nevada State Archives.”

State Records Center: State Records provides a copy machine which state agency employees may use to make copies of agency records stored in the facility. There is no charge for copies; however, agency employees are encouraged to bring their own paper for copy projects in excess of 50 pages.

Revised: Nov. 2017

Library Research Service

Service Provided

Provide information about holdings to visitors and users of the library.  This information includes access to information resources on the Nevada State Library, Archives & Public Records (NSLAPR) website, licensed online databases, and the online catalog.

Provide information from the library’s collection and interlibrary loan service.  In addition to answering questions from the collection this can include brief, factual reference questions pertaining to the following Nevada-related subjects:

  • Government, legislation, and law
  • History
  • Population and social issues

Provide referrals to other agencies and organizations that may have the information being sought.

Service Priorities

  • Nevada government agencies (state, county, city), Nevada Legislature and the Legislative Counsel Bureau

  • Nevada libraries

  • Nevada residents

  • General public with research questions about Nevada

Due to limited staff, staff reserves the right to give priority to questions from Nevada government and residents.

All service to in-person patrons takes precedence over telephone, U.S. mail, or e-mail inquiries.  Telephone inquiries will be used for providing short, factual information. 

All questions submitted over the telephone, U.S Mail, or email are prioritized and answered in the order received at NSLAPR.

Reference / Research Requests

Questions are evaluated based on the ability to find the answer, the patron, and other duties.  All reference/research topics are clarified before any work is started by NSLAPR staff.

  • State Employees – Research requiring more than one hour is performed solely for state employees completing work related research.  Research taking longer than one hour will be reviewed by Head of Access Services and may require a reference interview to define the scope of the research and the resources available.

  • All Other Patrons – Complex research questions from all other patrons taking longer than one hour will be reviewed and may require a reference interview that defines the scope of the research and the resources available.  Staff is unable to conduct lengthy, in-depth research for patrons.  If the scope is beyond the resources available at NSLAPR, the patron may be referred to a professional researcher.

  • Ask a Librarian – Ask a Librarian email reference is limited to one hour.  In order for email reference to be completed, all contact information must be provided in the email request including an email address as well as a current valid street address and phone number.  This information will be verified before services will start.  An email reference question taking longer than one hour may require a reference interview that defines the scope of the research and may be referred to a professional researcher.

  • Telephone Inquiries – Telephone inquiries are limited to thirty minutes.  A telephone inquiry taking longer than thirty minutes may require a reference interview that defines the scope of the research and may be referred to a professional researcher.

NSLAPR accepts up to three questions per request.  NSLAPR will not accept more than three requests from the same individual in the same thirty day period.

If the question is not for a priority user as defined in the service priorities section, library reference services may take up to 30 days to respond.

Family History Research

Individuals requiring in-depth family history research are directed to the NSLAPR Family History Resources webpage or professional genealogy researchers.  The Board for Certification of Genealogists maintains a database of genealogists who are certified.

Historical Research

Individuals requiring in-depth historical research may be directed to the Nevada Historical Society’s List of Researchers.


Please see the Printing & Photocopying Policy for information on “Office Public Records Requests”.

State agency personnel may use the public photocopy machines and the microfilm/microfiche reader-printer machines to duplicate materials for their agencies.  There is no charge for 20 pages or less.  More than 20 pages will be charged at 10 cents per page unless the agency supplies its own paper.

All copies for the public are 10 cents per page.

  • Copies of the Nevada Revised Statutes and the Nevada Administrative Code are free to the public up to 10 pages.  For more than 10 pages, the cost is 10 cents per page.

Copies made for mail, e-mail, or fax requests will be billed via an invoice at 10 cents per page. Payment must be received prior to mailing, emailing, or faxing the copies.  Checks are made payable to “Nevada State Library”.

Revised: Nov. 2017

Guided Tours

Facility tours promote good relations with other agencies and with the public. Tours are scheduled as agency availability permits.  Tours are to be scheduled ahead and designed to minimize disruption of agency business and disturbance of staff.  Tour guides are responsible for the safety of the public and security of state property, including any valuable collection items which may be potential targets for theft.

Tour procedures and a tour request form shall be posted on the NSLAPR main web page. Once submitted, the form shall be routed to the appropriate program tour designees.

Tour requests may also be made by calling NSLAPR main number, 775-684-3313 and the information forwarded to the appropriate program manager or by directly contacting the program manager of the appropriate program.

If a tour of more than one program is requested, the appropriate program managers shall mutually coordinate the tour. 

Other available tours:

  • Capitol Building Tours:  Refer callers to the Nevada State Museum 687-4810.

  • Supreme Court Building Tours:  Refer callers to the Supreme Court Building, 687-5180.

  • Legislative Building Tours:  Refer callers to the Legislative Police, LCB, 687-6812.

Tour hours 
Tour hours are limited to 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

  • Special arrangements may be made for tours during closed hours for personnel from other agencies or government entities, only. No exceptions.

Tour Groups 

  • Adult tour groups limited to 12 or less. Larger groups will require additional tour guides: 12-25, 2 guides; 26-40, 3 guides.

  • K-12 tour groups must include 1 adult for every 8 students.

  • It is not advisable to take groups larger than 40. Large tour groups should be segmented into 2 or more groups.

Personal Tours
NSLAPR staff may conduct private tours of their work place, to introduce colleagues etc.  If the tour is extended to other programs or work area, please contact the staff in those areas in advance to mutually coordinate the times of the tour. Personal tours times should be limited to minimized disruption of work.

Program procedures
The program manager sets the tour procedures for each program.  The program manager may interpret this policy with more specific tour procedures, as appropriate for their program.

Revised: Nov. 2017

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