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State Government Records: Agriculture

Horse drawn wagon of hay

Hard at Work 
Cutting Hay in Washoe Valley.  State Archives control number PUB-0047.

Department of Agriculture and Dairy Commission Records

Department of Agriculture Agency History Word document icon and link
Records 1888-1998 1 c.f.
Annual Reports; Livestock Deal Bonds; Correspondence; Reports; Beekeeper Registration

Accounts Ledgers

1960-1963 2 vols.
Accounts Receivable Ledgers 1971-1980 2 vols.

Taxes Receivable (Apiary)

1975-77 1 vol.
Taxes Receivable (Beef Promotion) 1975-77 1 vol.
Taxes Receivable (Livestock Inspection 1975-77 1 vols.
Quarterly Budget 1950-1962 4 vols.
Category Expenditures 1960-62 1 vol.
LIF Receipts 1950-51 1 vol.
Receipts 1952-78 34 vols.
Estray Record 1977 1 vol.
Vegetable Book 1954-1979 6 vols.
Re-Recording 1960 1 vol.
Potatoes - Winnemucca 1974-1977 1 vol.
Payroll Records 1919-60 4 vols.
Appointments Index Cards 1943-76 Cards
Nevada and Its Natural Resources 16 mm film
Privatization of Public Lands; Brucelleous Hearings; Brand Inspection Audio tapes
Minutes - Rabies Commission 1917-27 1 cu. ft
Minutes - Apiary Commission 1921-1958 3 cu. ft
Minutes - Stock Commissioners Board 1915-1963 13 cu. ft
Minutes - Board of Agriculture 1963-2001 18 cu. ft
Regulation Files 1990-2001 1 1/2 cu. ft
Minutes - Beef Council; Grazing Board; Alfalfa Seed Board;Junior Livestock Show Board 1977-2000 1 cu ft
Meeting Packets - Board of Agriculture 1999-2006 3 cu. ft
Meeting - Audio Tapes 2008 CDs
Dairy Commission History Word document icon and link
Records 1956-2001 23 c.f.

Commission Meetings

1976-2001 13 c.f.
Meetings of the Dairy Commission are held monthly in each of the three marketing areas:  Eastern, Western, and Southern areas.

Public Hearings

1957-1996 8 c.f.
Public hearings are held in each of the three marketing areas, usually on the same day as Commission meetings.  The purpose of the hearings is to amend the Stabilization and Marketing Plans of the Marketing areas and, in recent years, amending the Nevada Administrative Code.
License Files 1957-1972 1 c.f.
Regulation Files 1996-1986 .5 c.f.
Correspondence Files 1956-1979 .5 c.f.

black and white image of cows 

                                                 Photo from state archives collection - PUB-0020 Cattle

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