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Statewide Initiatives (NEW): SOAR: Let's Keep Talking

A five-minute recap of the two-day NLA 2018 conference 

Let's Talk! SOAR in Your Library

The ability to join forces is key to success in facing the challenges ahead. With this in mind, members of the State Council on Libraries & Literacy (SCLL) initiated an in-depth, 90-minute workshop using an interactive Aspen Institute model SOAR analysis, at the 2018 Nevada Library Association conference in Las Vegas. The session involved members from the entire library community. The aim was to ask people to express ideas and raise points about the current state of Nevada libraries: school, special, academic, and public.

And they did! Participants discussed views, emphasized commonalities, and pledge to move forward in proactive way. The Let's Talk! session was of vital importance as it offered insights from Nevada librarians about what is working and what needs help in our institutions. Critically, the results of the session will aid SCLL in its ability to lead and advance solutions needs.

But the conversation doesn't stop there. We need YOU to remain engaged in order to move our agenda forward. This where you'll find resources and information on advancing the Let's Talk! conversation. 

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A message from SCLL chairperson Nancy Cummings-Schmidt:

Thanks to each Nevada librarian and information professional who participated in the opening session of the 72nd annual meeting of the Nevada Library Association in Las Vegas. The October 13, 2018 Lets Talk! session of over 80 engaged and thoughtful professionals has created momentum! We can move forward with next steps, energy and more good conversations - all essential to our efforts to build street credibility. Now is the time to kick into high gear and use our resources wisely, ensuring that libraries, and those we serve, are around for the long haul. 

Please join this effort and take the Nevada pledge. We must commit to finding sustainability for our institutions through engagement with our communities.

Currently, we are distilling the thoughts collected during the NLA session and will add to it additional feedback as we continue to "keep talking." Click the drop down arrow on this tab for more! 

                                                                                                                                - Nancy