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The Nevada State Library has teamed up with libraries throughout the state to implement the Nevada Career Explorer powered by Headed2 to bring Workforce Development into the 21st century! The Career Explorer is a place to find not just a job, but a career to love. Users can explore over 900 careers, countless educational and certification opportunities, or learn more about themselves using specially designed self-assessment tools. It's about time you found a career you'll love - all you need is a free library card!

About the Career Explorer

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Click here to browse through recommended programming for use with the Nevada Career Explorer. These programs, both for youth and adults, are intended to help integrate the Nevada Career Explorer into Nevada libraries. 

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Our Partners

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Access the Career Explorer

Click here to visit the Nevada Career Explorer. To create a free account, all you need is a library card.

The Nevada Career Explorer is a free website made possible by the Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records and the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). The Career Explorer is a place to find not just a job, but a career you’ll love.  Explore over 900 careers, countless educational and certification opportunities, or learn more about yourself and the careers made for you by taking a self-assessment.  The Career Explorer is designed to help you better understand yourself, what you want out of work, and what kinds of jobs you’ll love.  From there it layers in critical local and statewide data, including Nevada’s in-demand industries, sectors, careers, and pathways, to help inform an actual plan to get where you want to go. 

For use with this tool, we are providing an entire year of programming opportunities for both adult and youth patrons to tie into the Nevada Career Explorer. For more information on programming for the Career Explorer, visit the Programming page. 

Visit today and register for an account. All you need is your Nevada library card!

At a glance...

  • Who? Workforce development is for everyone--from high school students looking to establish a career trajectory to those looking to switch career paths later in life.
  • What? The Nevada State Library, Nevada Workforce Connections, and Headed2 have joined forces to deploy workforce development and training programs focused on helping Nevadans achieve the next level in economic success--all you need is a free library card!
  • When? All of Nevada's public libraries have this great tool.
  • Where? Currently, there are 10 locations of One Stop Centers at libraries in southern Nevada--but this is only the beginning! Keep an eye out for the expansion of this project in a library near you.
  • Why? Nevada is in need of a strong, dynamic workforce. By combining efforts, Nevada Career Explorer and libraries are able to provide one-stop hubs where all users can find a career they love. 

What is the Nevada Career Explorer?

It’s never too late to learn more about what motivates you and the careers that match your lifestyle.

That's the idea behind the Nevada Career Explorer powered by Headed2, now available to all Nevadans with a library card. The Nevada Career Explorer is a free website made possible by the Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records and the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). Behind the Career Explorer’s bright and engaging interface are some of the most extensive career databases available today, including a range of self-assessments from O*Net, over 900 occupations, real-time job listings from direct employers, certification and graduate education profiles and more.

The Nevada Career Explorer is available to all Nevada library cardholders. While library members can perform a traditional job search, our system goes much further.  Users of the site are encouraged to create an account and try one of the self assessments in the “Discover Possibilities” section, such as the Interest Explorer, which helps you better understand what your interests are and how they connect to the world of work.

Other great features of the Nevada Career Explorer are its career “cluster profiles” which show how in-demand a given set of occupations are, and how many opportunities are available and the average salary. As users explore more through the system, it is able to intelligently suggest new career and educational opportunities in the personalized “Career Hub”.

Visit today and register for an account. All you need is your Nevada library card!

Value for Nevadans:

The easily understood, well-curated and well-displayed research database is designed to promote local labor markets and training opportunities for: 

  • Nevada’s priority industries and career clusters

  • To highlight the necessary corresponding credentials and certifications

  • Point people to local and statewide workforce development resources and employment opportunities

Value for public librarians and library partners: 

  • The tool provides powerful supply/demand analysis and reporting, helping staff provide timely career coaching

  • Provides customized referral process for each partner through partner profiles and local opportunities network

  • Provides customized reporting modules for each partner


  • Library card as the “identifier”

    • Custom content based upon zip code/library geo-code

  • Promote local opportunities

  • Occupation search using Work Keys

  • Individual career action plan and work readiness checklist

  • Personalized Career Hub (intelligent recommendations)

  • Smart LMI for users

    • Sector profile pages

    • Supply/demand reporting

Target groups:

  • Young adults (typically between 16 – 24) may or may not be in school, may or may not be working

  • Individuals with personal challenges to work

  • Adults in need of basic skills (typically less than a high school diploma or high school graduates in need of remediation)

  • Workers seeking career changes or advancement

  • Transitioning military (and spouses)

Performance metrics:

  • User measures - Awareness of (1) Self and (2) Resources:

    • Site visits

    • Accounts created

    • Users who take at least 1 assessment

    • Users who participate in library career navigation class (many things will influence this metric)

    • Catch and refer - referrals to partners

    • Survey (required per LSTA grant)

  • Library staff measures - Ability to build career information collection and serve as reference service:

    • Understand goals and objectives

      • use survey tool

    • Acquire content

    • Measure number of marketing mentions, email, social media, library website, displays in library

    • User engagement - number of career navigation classes face-to-face

    • User measures report - documentation of career navigation skills obtained

    • 5 question survey (per LSTA grant requirements)

Targeted industry sectors:

  1. Aerospace and Defense
  2. Health Care and Medical Services
  3. Information Technology
  4. Manufacturing and Logistics
  5. Mining and Materials
  6. Natural Resources
  7. Tourism, Gaming, and Entertainment
  8. Construction


  • Scale career pathways

  • Scale career pathways the culminate in credentials of value

  • Implement work-based learning

  • Integrate education, workforce and economic development

  • Ensure cross-institutional alignment, e.g. adopt policies and processes across partner programs/institutions regarding career pathways and smooth transitions.

  • Promote in-demand career pathways


  • Navigation in place at all libraries

  • Cross-training amongst the required partners

  • Established a referral process, ex. Make an appointment from a Partner Profile

  • Outreach plan to assist co-located partners in the library

  • Customer flow design for each library location

  • Approved operating procedural manual


State - OWINN Goals:

  1. To improve the effectiveness of the State of Nevada’s career guidance system and raise awareness about different ways to access career pathways.[1]
  2. To improve access to career pathways - an aligned system of training programs, credentials, support services, and workforce preparation activities that help an individual enter or advance within a given occupation or industry sector.[2]
  3. To provide a website that is centralized and user friendly, contains a comprehensive set of career options, and allows users to sign-up to receive reminder notifications regarding career planning progress and employment opportunities.[3]
  4. To provide a forum for sustained employer outreach to educational institutions so partnerships are formed that expose students and educators to their company’s careers, skills, and salaries.[4]
  5. To improve marketing strategies and awareness of industries, addressing expressed concerns over misconceived perceptions about them and the need to better market those industries to support employee recruitment.[5]

Regional - Workforce Connection Goals:

  1. To design and implement career exploration activities for in-demand skill sets and occupations across all of Nevada’s key industry sectors identified by the Governor’s economic development plan.[6]
  2. To connect employers/businesses to well trained, educated and qualified individuals for employment; to create a dynamic supply of trained, skilled workers to meet workforce demands of regional and industry sectors.[7]
  3. To develop career pathway initiatives focused on the highest growth/highest wage industry sectors in the local area.[8]
  4. To engage and connect youth with career path and employment training opportunities relevant to the identified industry sectors.[9]
  5. To expose youth to STEM skill sets, occupations, training and career pathways through interactive career exploration tools; to partner with educators, employers and community organizations to increase exposure for youth to the necessary skills of the future workforce.[10].
  6. To  partner with local employers to promote youth career preparedness and exposure through work-based learning opportunities.[11]

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[3] “Connecting Nevada’s Young Adults to Training and Employment: Perspectives from Nevada’s Young Adults and Employers”, Governor’s Office of Workforce Innovation in Nevada (OWINN), November, 2016 (retrieved September 14, 2017 at

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[7]  Strategic Work Plan Goals Matrix, SNWC (retrieved on September 21, 2017 at

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Pilot Partners:

  • Four (4) library districts in the region, 11 of 25 public libraries

  • Co-location of WIOA-funded programs at 11 library locations







Promotional Materials

Our Partners

The list of libraries below are those co-located with One-Stop Career Centers in the Las Vegas Metro-Clark County area. 

One-Stop Career Center Locations

Alexander Library
1755 W. Alexander Rd
North Las Vegas, NV 89032
(702) 633-2880


Boulder City Library
701 Adams Blvd
Boulder City, NV 89005
(702) 293-1281


Clark County Library
1401 E. Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 780-8195


OneStop Comprehensive Career Center
6330 W. Charleston Blvd, Ste 190
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 822-4200


East Las Vegas Library
2851 East Bonanza Road
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 780-8216


Gibson Library
100 W. Lake Mead Blvd
Henderson NV, 89015
(702) 565-8402


Green Valley Library
2797 N. Green Valley Pkwy
Henderson, NV 89014
(702) 207-4260


Laughlin Library
2840 Needles Hwy
Laughlin, NV 89029
(702) 780-8223


Mesquite Library
121 W. 4th North St.
Mesquite, NV 89027
(702) 780-8230


West Las Vegas Library
951 W. Lake Mead Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89106
(702) 780-8293


Workforce Development Programming Ideas

For libraries participating in the Nevada Career Explorer pilot project, it can be difficult to imagine creating a wealth of new programming to wrap around this new tool. In an effort to make this easier, the Nevada State Library has provided the below programming ideas to integrate the Nevada Career Explorer into both adult and youth programming at the library. These programming ideas are provided with the understanding that libraries must provide participants with a survey (listed below) and must report those data to us after the program has ended. 

Below you will find programming ideas to utilize the Nevada Career Explorer and other workforce development concepts for adults. These programs would also be effective for teens, so consider adults in this context those that are 16+. The programs are organized by theme, with each theme containing three programs that build on one another. 

Many jobs on the market today require a level of computer skills that your patrons may not currently have. For this reason, a series of introductory computer skills programs for job seekers can be very useful. This series of workshops should focus on computer basics like typing and mouse skills, as well as learning how to navigate the internet, creating a resume, and filling out online job applications.

Computer Skills for Job Seekers 1: Learn the Basics

Basic computer navigation, typing, using the mouse, creating an account with Nevada Career Explorer.

Computer Skills for Job Seekers 2: Create a Resume

Saving/editing documents, creating a resume on the Nevada Career Explorer.

Computer Skills for Job Seekers 3: Advanced Skills

Navigating the Career Explorer to find relevant jobs, using other job search platforms, how to set up a job alert via email.

Getting started on a job search can be a daunting task, but the library is here to help with guidance on creating a resume, polishing that resume to meet high standards, and practicing interviewing skills.

Get That Job 1: Get Started with a Resume

Draft a resume in the Nevada Career Explorer.

Get That Job 2: Resume Roundtable

Get feedback on your resume from a roundtable of other job seekers.

Get That Job 3: Mock Interview

Improve your skills with a mock interview at the library.

Career exploration is a way to learn about various occupations and how they “fit” with your unique career and personal preferences, for example the skills, interests, and values you want satisfied by your career. Ideally, someone engages in career exploration after identifying career preferences through self-assessment, which is what this workshop series focuses on.

Career Exploration 1: Getting Started

Creating an account with Nevada Career Explorer, taking career assessments.

Career Exploration 2: Find Your Path

Guided help finding your career path, locating next steps.

Career Exploration 3: Job Fair

Host local businesses, organizations, etc. at your library.

Financial literacy matters at every age, as each new life stage brings new money management challenges. For new adults, these challenges may include living independently on limited means, applying for and managing a credit card, borrowing loans for education, or starting to save for the future. For older adults, these skills are still relevant. In fact, most U.S. adults show low levels of financial literacy. And those who need the most help with financial literacy are often the people who don’t have a lot of money to spare and turn to their local libraries.

Financial Literacy 1: Budget Your Life

Use the Nevada Career Explorer budget tool.

Financial Literacy 2: Basics of Financial Literacy

How to write a check, balance a checkbook, open a banking account, difference between debit/credit.

Financial Literacy 3: Advanced Financial Literacy

Fraud prevention, bitcoin/blockchain, credit reports.

Below you will find programming ideas to utilize the Nevada Career Explorer and other career exploration concepts for young patrons. This programming is geared towards school age children to pre-teens and teens. These programs are organized by theme, including computer skills, job skills, career exploration, and financial literacy. 

Be Internet Awesome is a a multifaceted program designed to teach kids the skills they need to be safe and smart online, developed and provided by Google and the Internet Keep Safe Coalition ( The Be Internet Awesome curriculum provides the tools and methods needed to teach digital safety and citizenship fundamentals in the classroom (or library). The lesson plans are reinforced with gamification techniques, integrating a game called Interland, an adventure-packed online game that makes learning about digital safety and citizenship interactive and fun - just like the internet itself. The lessons are best suited for school-aged children, grades 3-6, but patrons both younger and older may benefit from the material. 

Five fundamental topics of digital safety and citizenship are covered, including:

  • Share with Care (Be Internet Smart)
  • Don't Fall for Fake (Be Internet Alert)
  • Secure Your Secrets (Be Internet Strong)
  • It's Cool to Be Kind (Be Internet Kind)
  • When in Doubt, Talk It Out (Be Internet Brave) 

For young children:

For school-aged children and pre-teens:

For teens and young adults:


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