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Dairy Commission

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Photo from state archives collection - PUB-0020 Cattle

This collection (NvSA-000065) contains the records of the Nevada Dairy Commission from 1956 to 2001. There is 23 c.f. of materials consisting of commission meetings, public hearings, license files, regulation files and correspondence files.

To learn more about the commission, download the history here:

Contents Dates Extent

Commission Meetings:
Meetings of the Dairy Commission are held monthly in each of the three marketing areas: Eastern, Western, and Southern areas.

1976-2001 13 c.f.

Public Hearings:
Public hearings are held in each of the three marketing areas, usually on the same day as Commission meetings. The purpose of the hearings is to amend the Stabilization and Marketing Plans of the Marketing areas and, in recent years, amending the Nevada Administrative Code.

1957-1996 8 c.f.
License Files 1957-1972 1 c.f.
Regulation Files 1996-1986 .5 c.f.
Correspondence Files 1956-1979 .5 c.f.

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