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How can Nevada State Records Management Program be of service to you?

The Nevada State Records Management Program offers a range of services designed to assist state and local govenment agencies in Nevada with the management of there records based on approved records retention schedules. If you have questions about retention schedules or records management best practices, please complete the form below.  Please note, our response time is based upon the level of complexity of your request. Once we have completed our research, usually in 1-3 business day (s), you will receive a response by email. We recommend checking your e-mail spam filter to make certain you'll receive our return message.

Specific records questions or records access should be sent to the agency responsible for the record.

Archival records questions, please submit to:

Ask an Archivist

To request access to recent current public records, please contact the specific State or local government agency that created the record for more information.

Public Records Resources and Frequently Asked Questions

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