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Records Center: Landing Page

All State of Nevada Executive Branch agencies may use the services of the Records Center.  The Records Center is responsible for the storage and physical custody of agency records that are inactive and have begun their retention period.

Please take a look at the Records Center Policy and Procedure Manual or Tips on Stacking A Pallet of Boxes.  

For Records Officers:  To update your agency's Records Center authorized user list, please complete the User Authorization List Form 

Web Module

The State Records Center uses a web module, Versatile Web Enterprise, as a portal to request records retrieval and storage submissions.  You can also log into the web module and inventory what your agency has stored in the records center as well as check your agency's retention schedules.

Click below to login into the the web module

Image Link to Enterprise Web Module

To view your records in the Carson City office, you must now schedule and appointment.  Please call 775-684-3411 or email   Records will not be pulled until an appointment time is confirmed and will be re-shelved if the appointment is missed. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Records Center

Who has legal custody of records stored in the Records Center?

While the State Records Center maintains physical custody of the records. legal custody and ownership still resides with the agency. You may remove your records at any time.

Will other agencies or private citizens be given access to my agency's records? 

No. State Records Center staff will only release information or the actual files to designated employees of the agency that owns the records. If your agency needs to release information to employees of other agencies or to private citizens, you must request the files and release the information from your agency. This includes public records requests, which your agency must handle according to your own procedures.

Can any record be sent to the Records Center?

No. The State Records Center is designed for inactive records, i.e., referred to less than once per month. Records sent to the State Records Center must be assigned to an approved records retention schedule and the event date that triggers the retention period for the records must have occurred (the event date is the date from which the retention period is calculated, e.g. , …from the date action completed, …from the date the contract is terminated, …from the end of the fiscal year, etc.). The records must have a minimum of 12 months or more remaining on the retention period and the records may not be source (paper) documents that are duplicated on microfilm or digitized and stored electronically. If your agency's records are not yet scheduled or if you want to request a copy of your agency's retention schedule, you may contact the Records Management program at 775-684-3411.

How safe are the records? 

The State Records Center provides 24-hour protection against fire, flood or intrusion. Access is controlled by a computerized card access system that is closely monitored by Records Center staff.

How quickly can I get access to my agency's files?

The records you request before 3:00 P.M. will be pulled the next working day and can be picked up, mailed, or reviewed at the State Records Center. In cases of exceptional workload or staff shortages, records reference can take up three working days. In most cases, the Records Center staff will pull only the boxes and not individual file folders or documents.

What does our agency have to do once the records reach the end of their lifecycle?

Nothing, the staff of the State Records Center will automatically send you a notification of disposition shortly before the retention period has been met and the records are due to be destroyed. The staff will arrange for the appropriate disposition for the records, to include shredding or recycling. If the records are scheduled for transfer to the State Archives, the staff will do that for you.

What is the difference between the State Records Center and the State Archives? 

They are two separate repositories. The State Records Center provides custodial-care services for state agencies' records - the agencies retain legal custody of the records. Records with historic and research value are transferred to the State Archives – at which time the State Archives assumes the legal custody of the records. The State Archives preserves the records that document the history of Nevada State government and has custody over the historical records of the territory and state. For more information you may contact the State Archives at 775-684-3310.

Does the State Records Center provide tours?

Yes, tours may be arranged of the State Records Center. Please contact the Records Management office at 775-684-3411.

Do the records stored in the Records Center have to be paper records?

No, permanent records or records which must be retained for longer than twenty years should be microfilmed because it is the most cost-effective way to store the information. Space savings of up to 98% can be realized if microfilm is stored instead of paper. The cost of storing paper in a records center balances the cost of filming after approximately twenty years. Storing paper in an office setting (which is very expensive) would justify the cost of filming well before the twenty-year mark. Business essential and permanent historical records should be filmed and the security microfilm copies stored off-site to guarantee that if fire, flood, or other disaster strikes an agency's offices, its recorded information will not be lost (NAC 239.755). Permanent or long-term valuable records retained on fragile media or on media that is subject to obsolescence should be filmed to assure media quality and stability for preservation. Microfilm is recognized as very durable media for permanent records, with an estimated lifespan of 500+ years when stored in the proper environment.


The State Records Center is open Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00pm except state holidays

Closed from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm for lunch

To view records, please contact the Records Management Office to set up an appointment.


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