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Statutes, Regulations, & Resources

Statutes & Regulations

Citations primarily refer to NRS - Nevada Revised Statutes; NAC - Nevada Administrative Code; and SAM - State Administrative Manual



Abolition or Disbanding of a State Agency

NAC 239.750SAM 0422
Admissibility of rerecorded, copied, or reproduced records NRS 52.247
Archival and Historical Records NRS 239.001, NRS 239.090, NRS 239.020, NRS 239.030, NRS 378.230, NRS 378.240, NRS 378.245, NRS 378.250, NRS 378.255, NRS 378.270, NRS 378.280, NRS 378.290, NRS 378.300, NRS 378.310, NRS 378.320
Attribution and effect of electronic record and electronic signature NRS 719.260 
Confidential Records, NRS 378.300, NRS 239.0115, NRS 239.012, NRS 239.013
NRS INDEX: See “Confidential and Privileged Information”
NAC INDEX: See “Confidential Information”
Confidential Records, Disposal of:

Executive Branch NAC 239.722

Local Government NAC 239.165

Copyright - US Copyright Law

U.S. Copyright Law

Custodian of Records NRS 52.260  See also: Records Officer

Record: NRS 52.260 (6)(c)

Public record: NRS 52.085NRS 52.265NRS 239.010

Official state record: NRS 239.080NAC 239.705 

Ancient document: NRS 52.095

Foreign public document: NRS 52.115

Certified copies of public records: NRS 52.125NRS 52.165NRS 52.247NRS 52.260

Disposal of Public Records

Official State Records NRS 239.080

Local Government Records NRS 239.124NAC 239.155

Electronic Records, Defined
NRS 52.247NRS 52.260(6)(c)NRS 239.010NRS 239.080NAC 239.705, NAC 239.906
Electronic records retention, originals NRS 719.290, NRS 239.051
Electronic Records, Treatment of NAC 239.906, NAC 239.914, NAC 239.935 (3) and (4), NAC 239.940, NAC 239.945
Imaging of Records NRS 239.051SAM 0408.0
Libraries State Library:
Micrographics and Imaging SAM 2052, NRS 239.070, NRS 378.255, NRS 378.280
Minutes of Public Bodies NRS 241.035NAC 239.850SAM 0416
‚ÄčNevada Law Library:
Non-Records Defined,

Local Government NAC 239.051 Defined

State Agency NAC 239.705(2) Destruction

State Agency, NAC 239.711

Periods of limitation NRS 11.190
Personal Information

Defined, NRS 205.4617NRS 603A.040

Social Security Numbers, Confidential NRS 239B.030

Databases, Confidential NRS 239B.040

Records Management Program, Requirements

Executive Branch NRS 239.080NAC 239.145NAC 239.696-.699NRS 378.255NRS 378.280(1)SAM 0402

Board of Regents: NAC 239.745SAM 0414 

NDOT: NRS 239.085NRS 378.280(2)

Local Government: NRS 239.121-.125NAC 239.145

Records Officer NAC 239.670NAC 239.700SAM 0402
Records Official NRS 239.008
Records Retention and Disposition Schedules

State Agencies: NRS 239.080NRS 239.085NRS 239.125NAC 239.711-.722

Local Governments: NRS 239.125NAC 239.145NAC 239.155

Disposal of record restricted; procedures for proposal and adoption of schedules for retention of records: NAC 239.155

Dissemination of schedules for retention of records; minimum period for retention of original record: NAC 239.161

Records Storage Facilities

State Records Center NRS 378.255

Standards NAC 239.740

Off-site storage permission NAC 239.740NAC 239.705

State Historical Records Advisory Board (SHRAB): 

NRS 378A
Unauthorized Destruction of Records NRS 205.473 to 205.492NRS 239.080NRS 239.125NRS 239.300-.330NRS 281.180-.190NRS 603.080-.090
Vital Records Protection NRS 378.255NAC 239.699NAC 239.700