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Department of Education

Department of Education Agency History

State Board of Education


37 c.f.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction


This series consists of the annual and biennial reports made by this first education officer in the State to the Governor. It also includes financial reports, statistical information, and correspondence.

Minutes, Agenda, Working Files


Consists of proceedings of the State Board of Education meetings that were generally held together with the Board for Vocational Education. Between 1986-1988 the latter became the Board for Occupational Education. Included also in this series are the minutes of the Public School Teachers Retirement Salary Fund Board, State Educational Diploma Receipts, and Bureau of Certification Deposits with State Treasurer. The latest addition to this series is 19 c.f. of meeting agendas and support documents of the Nevada State Board of Education/Nevada State Board for Occupational Education, 1986-1993; the Commission on Professional Standards in Education and Public Hearing Records; as well as 2 c.f. of audio cassette tapes of the State Board meetings, 1987-1994.

State Department of Education


74 c.f.





This series consists of budgets of county and district schools submitted for approval. The collection includes tentative and final budgets.

School Districts Audit Reports


The yearly audit reports are made by auditing agencies arranged according to counties and districts.

School Districts Annual Reports (bound volumes)


These are reports submitted annually by the State Deputy Superintendents as well as the County Superintendents.

Administrative Services Reports


Computer printouts of monthly enrollment and attendance, including a separate ethnic report. High School and elementary reports are those submitted by superintendents and principals, arranged by supervision districts and alphabetical by counties within the districts.

Apportionment of School Moneys (bound volumes)


Shows the monthly apportionment of State distribution, county, and relief school funds.

State Textbook Commission


These are minutes of the Commission meetings.

Nevada Vocational Association


Agendas, minutes of meetings, conferences, newsletters, including video tapes.

Teachers Service Records and Teachers' Examinations


The Teacher Service Records are on microfilm. The Teachers' Examination is a bound volume of records.

Advisory Board for the Programs for Improvement of Writing by Teachers and Pupils


Records of this board up to the period it became defunct.

Correspondence 1931-1982

Special Collection 12 c.f.

General Correspondence of the department, arranged chronologically and by counties with two additional subgroups:

1) Nevada Future Homemakers Association (FHMA)1950-1997 ~ 10 cu.ft.

These are records and scrapbooks of the FHMA.

2) Nevada Future Business Leaders Association (FBLA)1971-1998 ~ 2 cu. ft.

Scrapbooks, memorabilia collected by the organization

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