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Nevada State Archives

Transfer Records

The State Archives preserves and provides access to state records of enduring value. State records are retained by the agency that created them until the records are scheduled for disposition in accordance with applicable Nevada State Retention Schedules.

Records designated “Permanent: Transfer to State Archives” must be transferred to the State Archives once they have met retention requirements. State Archives (775-684-3310) and State Records (775-684-3411) staff are available to assist agency staff in applying records retention schedules and identifying records of permanent value for transfer to the State Archives.

For Constitutional Officers, we have created a basic guidance document for you to review:

Step 1: Preparing electronic or paper records for transfer

  • Remove or delete duplicates and non-permanent records.
  • Keep records in the order they appeared when active (alphabetical, chronological, etc.).
  • Label all folders.
  • Electronic Records: Please create a top-level folder for each Record Series that you are transferring with no additional sub-folders. All records should be placed in this top-level folder and labeled appropriately.

Step 2: Complete & submit transfer form

To transfer paper or electronic records to the State Archives, complete the Archives Transfer Form, using the applicable retention schedules to obtain details about the records. Submit completed forms to Please include any related indexes or descriptions that are useful in understanding or retrieving records.

Step 3: Transfer the records

Once the transfer form has been processed, a staff member will contact the agency’s records officer to schedule the transfer.

Electronic records may be transferred via the network (preferred) or an external device. Archives staff will work with the records creator or agency’s records officer to securely transfer electronic records.

Physical records may be delivered by agency staff appointment or shipped to:

Nevada State Archives
100 N. Stewart Street 
Carson City, NV 89701

Records transferred to the State Archives are appraised for historical, fiscal, and administrative value and are either accessioned into the Archives or disposed of in accordance with retention schedules and the State Archives Collection Policy. Records accessioned into the State Archives transfer to the legal custody of the State Archives, except, as provided by law. (NRS 378.250378.260378.320)