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Public Records

Where do I find public records?

Public records are primarily under the custodianship and management of the local and state agencies responsible for their creation. It is essential to note that the Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records are not designated as the legal or physical custodians of these records. For inquiries regarding specific type of Nevada government records, it is recommended to direct questions to the respective agency or county where the record originate. They are best positioned to provide comprehensive information and address any inquiries pertaining to the specified record.

Birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, and other vital records:

Office of Vital Statistics, Department of Health and Human Services: Marriage and Divorce records are held by the county where they were filed. For certified copies of marriage certificates, contact the County Recorder where the marriage license was purchased. For copies of divorce records, contact the County Clerk where the divorce was granted. 

Census records: 

Compensation claims and benefits for workers: 

Corporation and business entity records:

Government spending reports: 

Legislative meeting minutes: 

Property records:

For Deeds, Mortgages or other property related records, consult the County Recorder of the county where the transaction occurred. See for county recorder contact information.

Veteran's records: 

Voter registration and election records: