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Public Records

Are all state records public records?

According to Nevada's Public Records Act "The presumption is, all agency records are open to public inspection and copying, unless they are specifically declared by law to be confidential."  Confidential records often include personally identifiable information (PII), which is information that can be used to distinguish or trace an individual's identity.

For more information see: Nevada Public Records Act: A Manual for State Agencies

How do I access public records?

To request access to recent or current public records, please contact the specific State agency that created the records and complete a public records request form with that agency.

To request access to historical state records held by the State Archives, in most cases it is not necessary to make a formal public records request. The State Archives holds records of historical value once they no long serve a business purpose for the respective agency.  Please request records from the State Archives online via Ask an Archivist or by calling 775-684-3310.

Each public agency must adopt a policy which conforms to NRS Chapter 239 and The Nevada Public Records Act Manual. Agency policies should include basic procedural requirements, such as identifying the public records official, outlining the agency’s response process, and the agency’s fee structure.  The following information shall be posted on each agencies website, if they maintain a website:

When an agency receives a public records request, it shall be the policy of the agency to comply with all such requests for copies of information by members of the public, media, or state and federal government officials. Per NRS Chapter 239, all such requests shall be handled as expeditiously as possible.