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Department of Transportation

Hand grading of Geiger Grade


"Grading by hand to fulfill labor requirements. Note that excavation is being handled twice. Geiger Grade. Dec. 1935"
State Archives control number NHD-0056.

The Transportation Department records were divided into four subsections.

  • 1NDOT is generally arranged in chronological order;
  • 2NDOT is arranged chronologically by year and thereunder alphabetically by subject;
  • 3NDOT is arranged by subject; and
  • NDOT is arranged numerically. The finding aid consists of an in house box list.

Department's Highway Planning Survey Division, 1917-50 (1NDOT and 2NDOT) Among the files in 1NDOT are: general correspondence; photographs to accompany reconnaissance reports on Federal Aid projects; expense accounts; receiving records (Form 5320); correspondence about maps and mapping; automobile mileage reports; payrolls; information on federal aid for eliminating railroad grade crossings; notices to contractors; reports on airfields and other aviation data; maps and profiles; traffic data for rural highways and Las Vegas; memorandums from the Bureau of Public Roads, Public Roads Administration, and the Works Progress Administration.

General Files of the Highway Planning Survey Division make up most of 2NDOT. In addition to planning surveys, found here are: maps; general correspondence; correspondence of individual DOH staff; traffic studies; fiscal information; equipment inventories; personnel information; aerial photographs; forest highway files; automatic traffic recorder data; loadometer studies; triangulation data; statistical reports from other states. The reconnaissance reports are arranged by route numbers. There are "Special Studies" of, for example, intersections, speed, and turning movements. The records in 2NDOT cover the period from 1929 to 1972. There is a run of Public Roads magazine for these years.

Statewide Photologging System of Nevada: The fourth collection of records, designated only as NDOT, consists of rolls of 35mm. color film ("Statewide Photologging System of Nevada"), both positive and negative. The pictures are of Nevada highways, shot from a camera mounted on a truck, taken every 100th of a mile. This project was intended to document the conditions of Nevada highways. The films date from 1974 to 1986. NDOT- 0075 contains indexes.

Among the state agencies represented in the Department of Transportation files are the State Planning Board and the Nevada Industrial Commission.

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