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Mining Inspector

This collection (NvSA-000148) contains the records of the Mining Inspector from 1909-1975. The 25 c.f. of materials consist of correspondence, reports, and mine records.

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Contents Dates Extent


The series consists of health and safety reports, reports of fatal and nonfatal accidents, dust counts, complaints, and special investigations.

1930-1974 7 cu. ft.

Mine Records

About 4 c.f. of materials documenting fatal accidents (alphabetically and chronologically arranged); card files on the same, showing the names of the deceased, company, county, date, and cause of death; Nevada mine management personnel (arranged alphabetically, including the company name, addresses and references); Nevada mine report index, alphabetically arranged, and including company name, county and district, and years of reported activity; Nevada mineral producers' records, arranged by type product; Nevada mines, minerals, and smelter, arranged by company name; new mines and idle mines, according to county and company name; non-fatal accidents according to year, county, company, individual, and date; perennial mine and mill list, in alphabetical order according to company name, county, and years the mining reports were filed; mine reports, in alphabetical order; recommendations, arranged chronologically; alphabetical list of mines, mills and smelters (1918-1975); hoisting engineers license papers; mine serial numbers issued by the War Production Board during World War II, and a ledger of property inventory (1917-1918). The cards constitute the bulk of this series.

1909-1975 13 cu. ft.


The correspondence file reflects a significant period grouping: 1909-1951, and the 1955-1970 group labeled "daily reading file." The first period corresponds to the earliest office of the Inspector of Mines. There is an unexplained gap between 1951 and 1955, bringing the series to the last 20 years before the Office came directly under the Industrial Commission and before the functions of the Office were assumed by the Department of Industrial Safety.

1909-1970 5 cu. ft.

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