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Gaming Commission

This collection (NvSA-000078) contains the records of the Gaming Commission from 1959-1994. The 46 c.f. of materials consist of legal proceedings, statutes and regulations, redetermination petitions, refund claims, excluded persons, policy statements, and minutes/transcripts of Commission meetings.

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Contents Date Extent

Minutes / Transcripts of Meetings

Fifty percent of the collection is made up of the minutes and transcripts of the meetings of the Commission, where the bulk of the gaming business and practices were discussed and judgments made about gaming issues. The arrangement is chronological.

The following series titles reflect the activities taken up in Commission meetings and were originally filed as separate titles.


46 cu. ft.

Legal Proceedings

The legal files of the Commission consist of the complaints against gambling institutions and/or persons employed thereat, for violations of the gaming policies and regulations in force in the state. The files contain proceedings and exhibits, a number of which are sealed and marked CONFIDENTIAL. The arrangement is alphabetical by name of the institution or person.


29 cu. ft.

Statutes and Regulations/ Misc. Proposals

Statutes and regulations governing the gaming business. The file includes miscellaneous proposals for the interpretation of the regulations in particular cases.


4 cu. ft.

Petitions for Re-determination of Audit Assessment and Claims for Refunds

Records of petitions filed by the various gambling institutions for an audit review and for refunds claimed.


6 cu. ft.

Excluded Persons

Record of persons "whose prior activities pose a threat to the public interest of the State of Nevada and its efforts to effectively regulate and control gaming." Also known popularly as the "Black Book," it lists individuals who are prohibited from entering casinos.


4 cu. ft.

Policy Committee

Files of the Policy Committee, including policy statements issued.


4 cu. ft.

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