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Secretary of State

The office of Secretary of State was created by the Nevada State Constitution. The Secretary of State is an elected position within the executive branch of state government. The Secretary serves a four-year term. The Secretary is responsible for maintaining the official records of the acts of the Nevada Legislature and of the Executive Branch of state government, and for providing access to those records. In addition, the Secretary serves as a member of the State Board of Prison Commissioners, the State Board of Examiners, the State Records Committee, the State Advisory Committee on Participatory Democracy, and the Executive Branch Audit Committee.

The current Secretary of State is Francisco V. Aguilar (2023-present).

Name Held Office Political Party
John Koontz 1947-1973 Democratic
William Swackhammer 1973-1987 Democratic
Frankie Sue Del Papa 1987-1991 Democratic
Cheryl Lau 1991-1995 Republican
Dean Heller 1995-2007 Republican
Ross Miller 2007-2015 Democratic
Barbara Cegavske 2015-2023 Republican
Francisco V. Aguilar 2023-present Democratic

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